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Yida Tongluoning

Yida Tongluoning
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Name: Yida Tongluoning
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Serial Number: cupping-set-accessories
Manufacturer Name: Cupping Sets
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Yida Tongluoning

  • External / Net.wt: 50ml
  • Bar Code: 6927089400030
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    Perfect for Using Cupping Sets

    Due to the skin temperature of local areas will elevate while cupping which can dilate capillaries; increase the permeability of the vessel wall; and enhance the metabolism, therefore, it is helpful for the mist agent "Yi Da Tong-Luo-Ning" which is made of pure Chinese traditional medicine and has been sprayed and coated upon relevant acupuncture points before cupping to be absorbed and penetrate into tissues in deeper layers. By means of the method the efficacy of "Yi-Da-Tong-Luo-Ning" can be directly exerted upon affected sites ."Yi-Da-Tong-Luo-Ning? is made of pure Chinese traditional medicine possessing functions of promoting blood circulation and dispelling blood stasis getting through main and collateral channels, eliminating wind evil and dampness evil, running qi and blood, dispersing cold and relieving pain, under the effects of aspiration and extraction from negative pressure, it is more helpful for the effective elements of the medicine to be absorbed and penetrate into acupuncture points as well as main and collateral channels.

    Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, reduce swelling and alleviate pain, expel pathogenic wind and remove dampness, relieve rigidity of muscles and remove obstruction in the channels.

    Periarthritis humeroscapularis, cervical spondylosis, lumbago and scelalgia, hyperosteogeny, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow, sprain and contuse.

    Main Components:
    Chuanxiong rhizome, safflower, Chinese ephedra and lycopodium clavaturm etc.

    Usage and Dosage:
    After cleaning the affected part, spray the liquid over the affected part, massage by hand till generation of heat or by cupping; appropriate amount every time, one or two times every day.


    1. External use only, please do not take orally, use cautiously in case of pregnant women.
    2. Use cautiously in case of person allergic to alcohol.
    3. Do not exceed 5 minutes when cupping.

    Kept in the sealed condition in a cool and dry place protected from light.

    Period of Validity: Two years.

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