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Wildlife in Yunnan of China

Wildlife in Yunnan of China
Name: Wildlife in Yunnan of China
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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 7503822880

        Data from natural science research is transmitted by two principal methods: publication in academic journals and popular media. The two ways will intend to advance scientific knowledge and increase public understanding and support, and encourage young people to dedicate themselves to scientific study.

        Wildlife in Yunnan is a new zoological book with great value for both academic and popular science. Yunnan has long been renowned for its diverse wildlife: for many centuries the region has attracted scientists eager to survey its rich biological treasures. Among the earliest of these was Xu Xiake, a famous traveler in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), who made vivid descriptions of some of the animals endemic to Yunnan when he arrived there. After 1949, Chinese scientists, represented by the Kunming Institute of Zoology, responded to the government's call to collect detailed data, tolling up all over Yunnan and thoroughly investigating the status of wildlife in the region. These scientists have performed arduous, long-term field surveys, some of them devoting their entire lives to this endeavor. The plentiful specimens and materials accumulated by these endeavors have been collected to inform this work, in which the basic features of the animal species and the formation of the Yunnan animal kingdom has been identified systematically and scientifically for the first time. Only participants who joined those surveys can tell the hardships and happiness of this success.

        Wildlife in Yunnan thoroughly and systematically describes the life histories of terrestrial vertebrate, insects and fresh water fishes, displaying abundant pictures and using vivid descriptions of the varying morphology, habitats, and behaviors of various animal species in their natural environment. Furthermore, the impacts of human activities in recent years have endangered many of the species described here, some almost to the point of extinction. Thus, the book has high value as scientific reference and information as well.

        Sustainable development is a goal advocated by many authorities in international society. China, a nation with a large population and limited resources to distribute to each person, must also choose the way of sustainable development. Accordingly, biological research and conservation of biodiversity have become the precondition to sustainable development. But accelerating human activities and unreasonable methods of using resources have caused biodiversity losses at unprecedented rapidity. This book, published at this time, has great importance and particular value in enhancing public consciousness about conservation.

        The publication of Wildlife in Yunnan is the culmination of painstaking efforts and energy of several generations of zoologists in Kunming Institute of Zoology. The book not only incarnates their academic thoughts and pursuits, but also specifically embodies the spirit and ideal of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Additionally , it also displays the pioneering achievements of research at Kunming Institute of Zoology in the 40 years since its establishment, as well as 50 years of efforts by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In conclusion, I would like to congratulate the staff of Kunming Institute of Zoology for their successful efforts, and to express my hope that they can continue to make innovations, advances, and achievements in their future studies.

    CHEN Yiyu
    Academician & Vice President The Chinese Academy of Sciences


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