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Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert 7(English/Chinese & Chinese/English) New

Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert 7(English/Chinese & Chinese/English)
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Name: Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert 7(English/Chinese & Chinese/English)
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Serial Number: 787900216007
Manufacturer Name: ChinaSoft Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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English and Chinese (simplified & traditional) Two-way Translation System
Comes with detailed English Manual, Supports Windows 10
Welcome to use Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert v7 - the newest member of the famous Transtar Translation software family, developed by China National Software & Service Co., Ltd.. This version reserves the efficient, intelligent and humanized design style of Transtar translation product family and has made substantial improvement in accordance with current translation field development and the needs of users.

Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert v7 abandons the translation style of traditional translation software and adopts a more humanized translation approach so that it enables more users to enjoy the great efficiency of our professional translation software. This software not only greatly facilitates your use, but also helps you improve working and learning efficiency, so it makes you enjoy our new translation conceptions and the efforts we have made for you.

Apart from translation support for text file, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and HTML, Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert v7 also adds support for such word-processing software as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Foxmail, HTML Help, EditPlus, UltraEdit, MSN Messenger and so on. Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert v7presents a new translation conception named "Pointing-Translation" which enables you to translate any text on the screen-you just move mouse pointer to the place to be translated and you can get the result immediately. In addition, Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert v7 provides a new electronic dictionary which, apart from English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries, adds look-up function by means of radical, number of strokes, and Pinyin of the Chinese character.

We believe that Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert v7will bring you more visual enjoyment and experience more humanized design.

What's New

  • Enhanced program architecture, more stable and faster.
  • New: Translation Result Preview Platform, record every translation automatically(history function).
  • Enhanced translation progress dialog box, background-running, save your system resources.
  • More detailed files translation result report.
  • You can add any number of External Editors
  • New: MSN Messenger conversation translation
  • Enhanced Integrated Dictionary program
  • New: The adding information which commonly used in daily life will help you inquire in anywhere at anytime.
  • Professional and kindly user interface make you feel more easily during using it.
  • Support Windows Vista and other 64bit Windows operating system


    Now you can use a new translation way provided by Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert - Pointing-Translation - to translate texts, any html contents, Microsoft? Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, email and MSN Messenger messages etc. You just need to drag the mouse pointer in Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert Floating-Window to these applications to do translation.

    Drag-Drop Translation
    Including two ways: Drag-Drop files and Drag-Drop texts.
    Drag-Drop files allows you to choose a lot of files in My Computer or Windows Explorer, and drag these files and drop to Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert's Floating-Window, then the files you dropped will be translated automatically.
    Drag-Drop texts means drag the selection texts from other application and drop to Floating-Window, then the texts you dropped will be translated automatically.

    Screen Capture (Including Word Capture & Sentence Capture)
    Move the mouse pointer to a word (or a sentence) on the screen and the translation result will be shown in a mall floating window on the screen. These words (or sentences) can be texts in any window on your screen.

    Sinicize the Active Window (Sinicize means translate English words to Chinese)
    This function can translate the activated window from English interface to Chinese. Any English texts of screen can be translated, such as texts, webpage, menu, button etc.

    MSN Messenger Conversation Translation
    Now, you needn't worry about talking with your Chinese friends no longer. Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert 7 provides two ways to translate conversation of MSN Messenger, which make you to talk with your Chinese friends easily.

    Custom Dictionary Utility
    Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert 7 provides users with an interface to enlarge the default dictionary. You can redefine the part of speech and meaning of a word in Custom Dictionary. If you make Custom Dictionary available through Preferences dialog box, the application will use the meaning in Custom Dictionary first during translation.

    Integrated Dictionary
    Conduct look-up of Chinese or English words, idioms and phrases. It adds the look-up function for Chinese characters through radicals, number of strokes and Pinyin, so it is very suitable for reference by students and teachers.

    Translation Result Preview Platform
    Now, Transtar Intelligent Translation Expert 7 will record every translation result and the translation time is recorded automatically. You can also send translation result to External Editor to edit.

    System Requirement

    • Operating System : English or Chinese version Microsoft. Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista or above ( Note: For English version Windows, Far East Language components provided by Windows must be installed.)
    • CPU Intel. Pentium. II or higher
    • Memory 128 MB or higher
    • Hard Disk Space not less than 200 MB
    • Others CD-ROM Drive and Audio Card

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