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Tongue Figure in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-English edition)

Tongue Figure in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-English edition)
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Name: Tongue Figure in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-English edition)
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Tongue Figure in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-English edition)

  • ISBN: 7-117-05767-X
  • Author: DING Chenghua & SUN Xiaogang (editors)
  • Hardback/Cloth 126 pages 265 x 195mm
  • People's Medical Publishing Beijng 2003 1st Edition
  • Over 200 colour photographs make the abstract theories of tongue examination concrete, and assists the reader understand the theory, master procedures, and sets a series of standards by which tongue examination is undertaken
  • Tongue Figure in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-English edition)

    Tongue examination is one of unique exam method in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is a necessary component in clinical diagnosis. Those famous doctors who lived in ancient society or live in modern society, are good at tongue-exam.

    TCM considers the body of man is an inseparable whole and the tongue is just like a mirror that reflects physiological function and pathological changes. Because the tongue has closely related to viscera and qi, blood, and body fluid, the excess and deficiency of the visceral, the exuberance and decline of qi and blood, the wax and wane of body fluid, the existence and exhaustion of stomach qi , the nature of disease, and the deep and low location of disease, all can be reflected on the tongue.

    Guided by theories of TCM, this book absorbs fully essentials from many mono graphs of tongue exam, and all kinds of editions of relevant all China TCM textbooks and reference books of higher learning. It not only inherits the traditional style of tongue exam, but also introduces the latest achievements of modern scientific research on tongue exam in TCM. Picture attached explanation, Chinese-English comparison, and sophisticated expression, clear picture writing manner and understandable language, science and practicality, all formed one of style of the book. Therefore, it not only widens the range of readers, hut also supplies many valuable source of tongue exam to the world.

    This book includes Introduction firstly and four chapters followed. The introduction mainly introduces the origin and development and monographs of tongue exam, the first chapter is covered with abstract of tongue exam, the second chapter includes observation of the tongue texture, third chapter reflects observation of the tongue clothing, the last chapter contents clinical significance and applications of tongue exam. In addition, professional photographer takes those pictures with a sophisticated machine. Over 200 pictures of tongue make the abstract theories of tongue exam concrete and imagery. That helps reader to understand the theories, master procedure and set a series of standards of tongue exam. It also promotes the process of setting up standard and regulation of tongue exam.

    Although the contents of tongue exam is rich and the tongue picture is changeable and complex, it always varies in the range of tongue texture which includes tongue vitality, color, shape and movement, and tongue coating such as color and texture. If understand the basic method, we can seek some important information of disease, analyze the etiology and pathology, and summarize syndrome. So it's favorable to diagnose as soon as possible.

    The book is suit for undergraduates, postgraduates and foreign students in medicinal college and university, especially for those who major Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology

    It's also suit for doctor who occupies TCM or combination of TCM with west Medicine (WM) in clinic.

    Be used as the standard of tongue exam in clinic diagnosis, in field of teaching learning and in scientifically research.

    Be utilized as a reference book for those whose major refers Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology.

    Be suit for people who are interested in TCM, self-taught TCM and eager for keeping physique.

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