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Mini Breathing Nose

Mini Breathing Nose
Name: Mini Breathing Nose
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Serial Number: WLBY-6000
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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Mini Breathing Nose

* Comes with detailed English Instruction.
BY-6000 Mini Breathing Nose
A needle free and drug free acupuncture instrument that relieves
your stuffy nose and related headache in 15 minutes.


This Mini Breathing Nose BY-6000 comes out after numerous scientific experiments. It combines the acupuncture theory of traditional Chinese medicine with modern science. Based on a more than 5000 year history of TCM, the nasal acupuncture point, called Ying Xiang, is in charge of the smooth breathing of the nose and air flow exchanges of the nose and surrounding sinuses. When the flow is blocked, the symptoms of stuffy nose and sinusitis occur resulting in headaches and decreased daily performance due to poor oxygenation. Mini Breathing Nose generates infrared waves and electronic pulses to stimulate the Ying Xiang acupuncture point and improve the blood circulation and airflow. It effectively reduces or eliminates the symptoms of a stuffy nose and headache due to acute or chronic rhinitis and sinusitis, allergy and the common cold.


Acute and chronic stuffiness and runny nose due to common cold and allergy;
Headaches and congestion, tearing due to nose and sinus problems.


High fever;
Malignant tumor in nose or throat;
Tuberculosis, hemophilia, hemorrhage and dermatosis;
Skin lesions in the nose area;
Psychologic disorders.

Operation procedure

Open battery cover and install 4AA batteries with correct positive and negative electrodes.
Put the nose clamper on the nose and secure with elastic band. Make sure the electrodes are right on the Ying Xiang acupuncture point. (As shown in Fig.1 )
Insert nose clamper plug into the socket of the instrument box. (Fig.2)
Rotate the knob to the right of the instrument. A sound of click indicates the power is on.
Keep rotating the knob until you feel an electronic pulse striking the Ying Xiang points.
Continue treatment for about 20-30 minutes, usually 2-3 times per day.
When treatment is over, rotate the knob to off until a clicking sound is heard. Then the power is off.


Do NOT turn on the power until the nose clamper is on the nose in the correct position (Fig. 1). Do turn off the power before taking the clamper off the nose.
The treatment intensity varies with each individual. One can also experience different intensity and stimulation on each side of the nose.
The instrument is compact and portable. The treatment can be done in any position no matter you sit, lie or even walk.

Suggested treatment course

For chronic (more than 3 months) stuffy or runny nose, one needs 3-4 courses of treatment. Each course consists of 15 treatments, 20-30 minutes for each treatment. You can do twice a day, in the morning and evening before going to sleep. For very severe symptoms, additional treatments can be added at noontime. After 2 courses of treatment, there will be apparent alleviation of symptoms.
For acute stuffy or runny nose and related headache due to common cold, the treatment can be done when you have the symptoms. The symptoms should be relieved after 20-30 minutes of treatment and the results usually last about half a day. You can stop when you recover from the common cold.
For allergy related symptoms, it is recommended to have one course of treatment, twice a day in the morning and evening for 15 days. If the symptoms are severe, an additional treatment can be given at noontime.

Technical specification

Electric Pulse
Amplitude : 1~36 V
Frequency : 1~5 Hz
Infrared Ray
Wavelength : 660~690 nm
Power Supply
4 AA 1.5V Batteries
Power Consumption
Electric pulse< 0.3 W
Infrared< 0.3 W
Whole consumption<0.7 W
100mm x 60mm x 20m

Typical Cases of Curing the Allergic Rhinitis(Pollen Hypersensitivity)
and Cold by the BY-6000 Mini Breathing Nose

The BY-6000 Mini Breathing Nose has formally launched in China for 3 years. After its use of thousands of cases, it shows notable curative effects for curing the Cold, Simple Rhinitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Hypertrophic Rhinitis, Nascsinusitis, Olfactory Acuity Depress etc.The total effective rate is above 95%. It's suitable for individuals, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes etc.Some typical cases are now briefly introduced as the following:

Typical cases for curing COLD:

CASE 1------- Patient #1 , Female, 52-year-old, Shop assistant

The patient was drenched by a heavy rain and caught a cold two days ago. After that, the patient felt continuous nasal discharged, snuffled, headache and caught a chill all over the body.The patient had the cold medicine for one day and a half, but it's not effective.She came to see the doctor in our hospital.The diagnose was heavy cold caused by caught cold,her body temperature was 38.7centigrade. After injected antipyretic,continued treatment by the Instrument 2 times per day, the above symptoms alleviated gradually and then vanished,the body temperature turned normal.

CASE 2------ Patient #2, Male, 54-year-old, Retired worker

The patient caught a cold by using the electric fan for whole night. The symptom included headache,rhinorrhea and nasal obstruction. The patient had low fever and his body temperature was 37.5centigrade. After only 30 minutes treatment of the Instrument, the nose was unobstructed and the headache was vanished. After another 30 minutes treatment the next day, the nasal discharge was over, the patient was healed on the whole.

Typical Cases for curing RHINITIS:

CASE 1------ Patient #1, Female, 63-year-old, Retired worker

The patient had lost rhinesthesia caused by rhinitis for about one year. She said she cannot smell any odor. After one treatment period of the Instrument, the patient was able to smell various of irritant odor.

CASE 2------Patient #2, Female, 30-year-old, Bank clerk

The patient was diagnosed as allergic rhinitis. The main symptoms are repeated nasal discharge ,sneezes and accompanied by nasal obstruction for more than 4 years. The patient could make more than 10 sneezes uninterruptedly before treatment and couldn't breathe with nose but mouth. She had had diversified medicine,but it was noneffective. After one treatment period of the Instrument, the symptoms achieved visible improvent, sneezes decreased distinctly. After the second period of treatment, the patient's symptoms were basically controlled.

CASE 3------Patient #3, Male, 26-year-old, Manager

The patient was caught by allergic rhinitis three years ago. No causer was found. The patient was taken bad frequently, the main symptom was the symptom of heavy cold. Always he was suffered by nasal discharge at daytime and couldn't even breathe with nose at night. This had badly influenced the patient's normail daily life. After the continuous treatment of 2 periods by the Instrument, his symptoms were gradually lightened. The patient kept used the Instrument after the 2 period. Now he hasn't nasal discharge at daytime and the nasal obstruction at night any more and regains the high-quality life.

CASE 4------Patient #4, Male, 50-year-old, Teacher

The patient had allergic rhinitis.Always accompanied headache, sore-throat.These symptoms had continued for 2-3 years.Any medicine was noneffective to him. Especially in spring, the allergic rhinitis turned worse. The patient could hardly insisited on work. Doctor's diagnose was pollen hypersensitivity. The doctor advised him to have the treatment by the Instrument. When the patient was cured in 15th times, the symptom achieved visible improvement. After total treatment for 30 times, the main symptom was basically controlled and only left slight nasal obstruction.


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