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MAGIC Magnetic Plaster for Mammary Disease

MAGIC Magnetic Plaster for Mammary Disease
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Name: MAGIC Magnetic Plaster for Mammary Disease
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Serial Number: 920388458115mamdis
Manufacturer Name: Moxa & Moxibustion Tools
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  • Packing: 3 magnets/sheet, 5 sheets/Box
  • Dia 18x3
  • Expiration: 2 years
  • MAGIC Magnetic patch (Plaster) for Mammary Disease

    MAGIC magnetic patch for mammary is a patch for mammary ache, mammary phyma, dysmenorrhoea, postpartum milk impede, Mammary disease of male. It consists of pressure sensitive adhesive containing meticulously selected Chinese herb herb and HM magnetic powder. Different herbs extracted are for different disease.

    It applies the basically even magnetic field in enhancing the penetration of effective ingredients in herb to thrill through the keratose of skin and then entering into the blood circulation. Running across the skeleton which is taken as speedway, the effective ingredients arrive at focus, and accelerate and improve the blood circulation. Finally, it aims at dredging the skeleton, eliminating the gore and inflammation as well as acesodyne, in order to not only alleviate symptom but also affect a radical cure.

    Mammary tumour, Mastitis, Mammary ache, Postpartum milk impede, dysmenorrhea, Mammary disease of male
    Character of MAGIC Magnetic Patch

    Applying the TTS (transdermal therapeutic system), through the keratose of skin, it will take effect 5-10min later. It may be curative sense within 6-10h and efficacious within 48h.

    transdermal absorption with no side effect and little allergic reaction of skin.

    wide utilized range, able to resist sweat.

    Comfortable & Economic:
    high-technological products with imported materials and high-attached value.

    Peel the plaster off the stick-resist paper and then paste one or more plasters on the lump points or the painful points depending on the area of lump and the intensity of pain. Replace with a new one after two days. The curative cycle is one month.


    • Choose the accupoints to be pasted carefully and clean the area thoroughly
    • Do not tough the surface of medical biocream on the plaster, and press lightly after paste
    • It is normal to feel slightly itchy because of the spreading of medical biocream through the skin.
    • For hypersensitive skin, pasting on the same accupoints is not preferred.
    • Those with injured or allergic skin, pregnant women and people with cordis pacemaker are forbade to use.
    • Specification: Dia 18x3 inch  Expiration: 2 years 

    Instruction of acupuncture points:
    Recommended acupuncture point to apply in:

    Symptom Main Accupoints
    Mammary ache 3,4,11,12,Painful points
    Mammary Hyperplasia 1,2,3,11,Painful points
    Dysmenorrhea 5,6,7,8,9,10,14,15,
    Postpartum milk impede 1,2,3,11,14
    Mamma masculina problem 2,3,4


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