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Deluxe Cupping Set 24 cups/set New

Deluxe Cupping Set  24 cups/set
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Name: Deluxe Cupping Set 24 cups/set
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Deluxe Cupping Set  24 cups/set

  • High quality and durable cupping set with pistol grip hand vacuum pump and 24 cups. Lightweight, break resistant plastic. All cups use PVC plastic air valve, durable anti-aging.
  • Supplied in different sizes and English/Chinese Manual
  • Plus a FREE gift: Utensil for Scraping Therapy and Video CD
  • Packed: Deluxe red leather case

This deluxe 24 cups set comes with a code-lock caring case, cupping pastes (it helps retain vacuum at rim of cup) and Gua Sha board, includes two curved-opening cups for small areas. A high quality and durable cupping set with pistol grip hand vacuum pump (suction pump). Lightweight, break resistant and age-resistant plastic. Includes different size cups and comes with a user manual in English which containing diagrams, and application instruction. Also included are magnet "needles" (non-penetrating pressure-giving points) of both polarities, which give balanced magnetic exposure of traditional acupuncture points. The magnetic "needles" (strength 2000 - 2500 gauss) apply a continuous, spring-adjusted pressure on the human skin when installed. They are easily removable from the dome of each cup and equally easy to re-install.
Acu Cupping Magnet Point Set, Cupping therapy (cupping massage) is an ancient Chinese method of causing local congestion. Cupping therapy has been further developed as a means to open the meridians of the body.Cupping is the best deep-tissue massage available. Cupping is very useful and very safe and can be easily learned and incorporated into your practice. This unique 24 piece Acu Point Biomagnetic Cupping Set is specially design and incorporates several Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies:
  1. Magnetic Therapy
  2. Acupuncture Therapy
  3. Cupping Therapy
  4. Acupressure Therapy

These four therapies combined together can produce remarkable results! The Biomagnetic Needles performing with constant, spring adjusted pressure to the skin and can be easily removed from the center of each Cup and easily installed back. So this uniquely designed Cupping Set can be used like a regular Cupping Set Massager and like Biomagnetic Acu Point Massager Cupping Set.


Hard -won happy life will continue in a healthy state with the accompanying of KANG ZHUKANG ZHU Chinese Traditional Medicine Cupping Sets Therapy

KANG ZHU Chinese traditional medicine Cupping Sets Therapy integrated with cup therapy Magnetic Therapy, And Magnetic Therapy is a brand new therapeutic method that is guided by the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine and is created according to Yin Yang &five Elements Theory and Internal Organs &main and Collateral Channels Theory of traditional Chinese Medicine Although they are just at local areas or acupuncture points on main and collateral channels stimulations can be transmitted from here to there and from the exterior to the interior along the pathways of channels to produce local and general reactions so that functions of human body can be regulated and aims, i.e. getting through channels regulating qi and blood keeping yin and yang in balance invigorating the circulation of blood and dissipating blood stasis , reducing swelling and easing pain expelling wind evil and removing wetness evil eliminating the cold excluding evilfactors and improving the health can be reached Comparing with exclusively used cup therapy or medicine therapy KANG ZHU Chinese Traditional Medicine Cupping Sets Therapy will produce more effects so to say once cupping can cause triple efficacy .

Treating the exterior and Interior Concurrently and Acquiring Triple Efficacy with Integration of cup Therapy, Magnetic Therapy and Medicine Therapy!

The elements of KANG ZHU Chinese Traditional Medicine Cupping Sets therapy is described as follows:

Firstly negative pressure in cups will cause passive congestion of local tissues in superficial layers and promote dilating the blood vessels increasing volume of blood flow and accelerating the circulation of the blood so that the blood supply for skin can be improved ;the vital force of cells in deep layers of skin can be enhanced ;the permeability of the vessel wall and the phagocytosis of blood cells can be increased; the temperature of local areas can be elevated; the tolerance of local areas and resistibility of human body can be strengthened; and the immunity can be heightened which are beneficial for the recovery from diseases.

Secondly, coordinating with effects of negative pressure in cups, magnets configured in cups will produce magnetic fields to apply magnetism on blood cells continuously so that the quantity of electric charge of erythrocytes will be increased while in cupping, which will improve the activity of cells; decrease the viscosity of blood; more intensify the flow of cells and the circulation of qi and blood; and more promote the recovery from diseases.

Thirdly, because the skin temperature of local areas will elevate while cupping which can dilate capillaries; increase the permeability of the vessel wall; and enhance the metabolism, therefore, it is helpful for the mist agent "Yi Da Tong-Luo-Ning" which is made of pure Chinese traditional medicine and has been sprayed and coated upon relevant acupuncture points before cupping to be absorbed and penetrate into tissues in deeper layers . By means of the method the efficacy of "Yi-Da-Tong-Luo-Ning" can be directly exerted upon affected sites. "Yi-Da-Tong-Luo-Ning" is made of pure Chinese traditional medicine possessing functions of promoting blood circulation and dispelling blood stasis getting through main and collateral channels, eliminating wind evil and dampness evil, running qi and blood, dispersing cold and relieving pain, under the effects of aspiration and extraction from negative pressure, it is more helpful for the effective elements of the medicine to be absorbed and penetrate into acupuncture points as well as main and collateral channels Therefore we can say that the therapeutic effects will not only restrict to superficial layers of local areas but also will infiltrate into tissues in deeper layers while cupping as KANG ZHU Chinese Traditional Medicine Cupping Sets Therapy is applied namely talking effects from the exterior to the interior from the superficial to the deep and combining the exterior with the interior Integration of Cup Therapy, Magnetic Therapy and Medicine Therapy can reach the aim, i.e. once cupping producing triple efficacy which has made new contributions for the traditional Chinese medicine therapy of applying external treatments for internal diseases .

First spraying and second cupping will Take Fast Effects Repeated Spraying and Rubbing Will Work Better

KANG ZHU Chinese Traditional Medicine Cupping Sets Therapy is in possession of three functions i.e. diagnosis treatment and health care. It is necessary to live up to key points as follows no matter what kind of function will be applied

1. "Yi-Da-Tong-Luo-Ning" which is made of pure Chinese traditional medicine should be sprayed and coated upon relevant acupuncture points before cupping The amount of used medicine depends on the sign i.e. being humid but not flowing and being moist but not in drips Then Cupping Setss are pulled upon the coated medicine Cups will be removed after having been maintained for 10 minutes. The medicine will be sprayed again and operators should rapidly rub them at relevant acupuncture points with hands until the coated medicine is not smooth and the scarfskin is felt calorific.

2. The arrangement should comply with the sequence of N pole(blue) and S pole(red) while cupping A: parallel N- pole method namely the sequence of N pole and S pole is arranged in turn as N - S - N . S to connect magnetic lines of force between two poles when cupping is applied upon areas of the same side B: penetrative N-S pole Method, namely, the cups should be arranged to achieve that N pole is at the anterior side of the body versus S pole at the posterior side; N pole is at interior side of the body versus S pole at the exterior side when cupping is applied upon areas in different directions of the anterior or the posterior the left or the right and the interior or the exterior which can completely place internal organs and main &collateral channels into magnetic fields of perpendicular cutting so that better therapeutic effects will be obtained.
Cups Quantity
5.8 cm (inner diameter) 4
5.0 cm (inner diameter) 14
4.2 cm (inner diameter) 2
3.5 cm (inner diameter) 2
Curved Opening Cup for Small Areas
3.5 cm (inner diameter) 1
2.4 cm (inner diameter) 1
Magnetic Points or "Needles"
North Pole Magnetic Points(blue) 8
South Pole Magnetic Points (red) 8
Connector Tube 1
Suction Pump 1
Cupping Paste 2
Rubber Ring 1
Leather Case 1
Package Info
Length x Width x Height 11.4" X 15.6" X 3.5"

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5 $67.00
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