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CHINESE MEDICATED DIET -A Practical English-Chineese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine

CHINESE MEDICATED DIET -A Practical English-Chineese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Name: CHINESE MEDICATED DIET -A Practical English-Chineese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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A Practical English-Chineese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Zhang Enqin
Editor-in-Chief of A Practical English-Chinese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Director of the Advanced Studies Department of Shandong TCM College

The books in series, entitled "A Practical English-Chinese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine", are edited with a view to disseminating the theory and knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) across the world, promoting academic exchanges on medical science between China and other countries, and meeting with the ever-increasing international interest in TCM, so as to make it serve the interests of all nations and benefit. entire mankind This library is the first of its kind in China.

The library is composed of 12 books: Basis Theory of TCM (in two volumes), Diagnostics of TCM, The Chinese Materia Medica, Prescriptions of TCM, Clink of TCM (in two volumes), Health Preservation and Rehabilitation, Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Chinese Massage, Chinese Medicated Diet and Chinese Qigong. The two other English-Chinese books -Rare Chinese Materia Medica and Highly Efficacious Chinese Patent Medicines -chiefly edited by me are also published simultaneously along with this library.

The authors and editors of the series strive to abide by the following principles: maintaining the systematism, integrity, practicability and adaptability in terms of TCM theory; paying full attention to the organic connection between basic theory and clinical treatment, taking in the available results of scientific researches carried out at home and abroad in the field of TCM; and being concise, precise, and easy to understand in the Chinese version, and correct and fluent in the English one. Some of the books mentioned above contain figures and coloured photos. It is our sincere hope that the books will turn out to be good teachers and reliable friends of those abroad who have begun to learn and practise TCM and Chinese, and provide help for those at home who wish to study TCM documents in English.

The component books of this library are written, translated, and edited through joint efforts of professors, associate professors, lecturers and medical research workers from Shandong TCM College and its affiliated hospital, Shandong Medical University and its affiliated hospital, Shandong University, Shandong Teachers Training University, Shandong Medical Academy, Shandong Provincial Anti-epidemic Station, China Academy of TCM, Nanjing TCM College, Shanghai TCM College, Beijing TCM College, etc.

In order to ensure that the present library is of good quality, we have sent its Chinese version for revision to Professor Zhou Fengwu, Professor Li Keshao who was once my tutor when I was a postgraduate student, Professor Xu Guoqian and Professor Zhang Zhenyu at Shandong TOM College, Professor Qiu Maoliang at Nanjing TCM College, and Professor Lu Tongjie director of the Affiliated Hospital of Shandong TCM College; and the English version for proofreading to Professor Huang Xiaokai of Beijing Medical University, Professor Lu Chengzhi, head of the Foreign Languages Department of Shandong Medical University, Professor Huang jiade of Shandong University, Mr. Huang Wenxing, professor of pharmacology, Mme Zou Ling, professor of gynecology and obstetrics, both working in Shandong Medical University, and our foreign friends, Ms. Bath Hocks, Australian teacher of English, Mr. Howard G. Adams, American teacher of English, and some others working in Jinan.

 I am deeply indebted to Mr. Li Dichen, Editor-in-Chief of Publishing House of Shanghai TCM College, and his colleagues, Mme. Xu Ping, director of the Editorial Department, and Mr. Yao Yong, responsible editor, for their advice about drawing up an outline for compiling the library to ensure a success of it; to Mr. Chen Krji, professor of China Academy of TCM and advisor on traditional medicine to WHO, Professor Zhang Zhiyuan and Associate Professor Shao Guanyong of Shandong TCM College, Mr. Liu Chonggang, deputy head of the Yellow River Publishing House, for their valuable, instructive suggestions, and to responsible members at various levels, such as Mr. Hu Ximing, Chairman of the World Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association, vice-minister of the Ministry of Public Health and chief of the Administrative Bureau of TCM and Pharmacy of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Zou Jilong, president of Shandong TCM College, Mr. Yan Shiyun, vice-president of Shanghai TCM College, Mr. Gao Heting president of Beijing TCM College, Mr. Xiang Ping, vice president of Nanjing TCM College, and Mr. Shang Zhichang, president of Henan TCM College for their warm encourage" ment and indispensable support as well as their personal participation in compiling and checking the books.

TCM, which dates back to ancient times, has a unique and profound theoretical system. The greater part of its terminology has particular denotations, and is matter-of-factly difficult to understand and translate. Inaccuracies in the library, therefore, are unavoidable. I hope that my friends in the TCM circle will oblige me with timely corrections.

May TCM spread all over the world and everyone under the heaven enjoy a long happy life.



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