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China Songs Classic (4 CD/Set)

China Songs Classic (4 CD/Set)
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Name: China Songs Classic (4 CD/Set)
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Serial Number: 788489131X
Manufacturer Name: Chinese Music CD
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China Songs Classic (4 CD/Set)

China Songs Classic  (4 CD)

CD.1 (Zither)

  1. Chuenjianghuayueye
  2. Caoyuaogivgge
  3. Kangdingqingge
  4. Tanyisheng
  5. Sijige
  6. Caoyuanmuge
  7. Shimianmaifu
  8. Tianyagenv
  9. Qinrenqiao
  10. Zuimeng
  11. Yiduoxiaohua
  12. Yitiaoqiao
  13. Pinhuqiuse

CD.2  (Hu Lu Si)

  1. The DAI family love song (ba wu)
  2. The night of the BAN NA (ba wu)
  3. Aureate peacock
  4. The morning of the DONG family (to blow)
  5. The beautiful gold peacock
  6. The folk song of MI DU
  7. Splash water the stanza is happinessly
  8. The MIAN laurel blossom is ten kilometers
  9. At the time that the breeze of gold blow
  10. Celebrate abundant
  11. Get married the asseveration (mix to blow)
  12. Put the horse folk song (gao hu)
  13. The miss is living to love to sing a song
  14. The peacock of gold and feng wei bamboo
  15. The Love song of KANG DlNG (ba wu)

CD.3  (Flute)

  1. You Lan Feng Chun
  2. Miao Ling De Zao Chen
  3. Gu Su Xing
  4. QU Bang Zi
  5. Zao Yuan Chun Se
  6. Xiao Fang Niu
  7. Shan Wu Qi
  8. Xi Xiang Feng
  9. Zhaung Tai Qiu SI
  10. Mu Di
  11. Shui Xiang Chuan Ge
  12. Qin Chuan Shu Huai
  13. Qing Feng Shou
  14. Shan Ge
  15. Huang Ying Zhan Chi

CD.4  (Er Hu)

  1. River Water
  2. Jackdaw plays in water
  3. Moonlight
  4. Er Quan Spring reflects the moon
  5. Chant for leisurely days
  6. Fishing boat sings in evenfall
  7. Zhojun went into frontier fortress
  8. Horse racing
  9. Perfect drum visit the path
  10. Color lamps melody
  11. Pick grass for pigs
  12. Mist melody

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