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Chen-style Taiji Push-hand

Chen-style Taiji Push-hand
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Name: Chen-style Taiji Push-hand
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Chen-style Taiji Push-hand

Push-hand is a kind of Wushu exercise in which two partners twine each other's hands to train their tactile and quickness in reasonse. While practicing, the exerciser should comply with some basic Taiji principles such as sticking to each other without being separated, moving freely and flexibly, neither sparating nor making forcible contact, rotating the body smoothly, making good use of the skill rather than only the force and staying clear of the opponent main force and striking at his weak points. Combining the basic techniques of grasp, catch, kick, jackknife and punch, the exercisers practice warding off, deflecting, pushing, pressing trampling, throwing, elbowing and learning to obtain a sensitivity of knowing the enemy intention in advance and making quick decision of how and where to attack or defend.

Part I - Basic Methods
Part II - Basic Techniques
Part III - Five Push-hand Methods
Part IV - Demonstration of Chen-style Taiji Quan Old Frame I

ISBN: 6937475312823
Subtitles in Two Languages: Chinese & English
Explained and Dempnstrated by Chen Zhenglei, the one of China's then formost Wushu masters and the 19th generation exponent of Chen-style Taiji Quan.

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