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Bamboo Cupping Jars/Sets 3 Cups/Set

Bamboo Cupping Jars/Sets 3 Cups/Set
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Name: Bamboo Cupping Jars/Sets 3 Cups/Set
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Serial Number: bamboo cupping set
Manufacturer Name: Cupping Sets
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  • Set of three traditional wooden bamboo fire cupping jars from China.
  • Size: small, medium, large




Chinese Traditional Medicine Cupping Sets Therapy

Chinese traditional medicine Cupping Sets Therapy integrated with cup therapy Magnetic Therapy, And Magnetic Therapy is a brand new therapeutic method that is guided by the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine and is created according to Yin Yang & five Elements Theory and Internal Organs &main and Collateral Channels Theory of traditional Chinese Medicine Although they are just at local areas or acupuncture points on main and collateral channels stimulations can be transmitted from here to there and from the exterior to the interior along the pathways of channels to produce local and general reactions so that functions of human body can be regulated and aims, i.e. getting through channels regulating qi and blood keeping yin and yang in balance invigorating the circulation of blood and dissipating blood stasis, reducing swelling and easing pain expelling wind evil and removing wetness evil eliminating the cold excluding evilfactors and improving the health can be reached Comparing with exclusively used cup therapy or medicine therapy. Chinese Traditional Medicine Cupping Sets Therapy will produce more effects so to say once cupping can cause triple efficacy .

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