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Ancestral Chen-style Taijiquan - Posture 38

Ancestral Chen-style Taijiquan - Posture 38
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Name: Ancestral Chen-style Taijiquan - Posture 38
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Serial Number: 7884087457
Manufacturer Name: Martial Art
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Ancestral Chen-style Taijiquan - Posture 38
38 posture of Chen-style Taijiquan by this film's demonstrator, Chen Xiaowang, for more people to acquaint Chen-style Taijiquan and promote Chen-style Taijiquan which is difficult to learn Chen-style traditional  frame. Taijiquan are similified base on the basis of 38 postures. This set is Kungfu one with the soft mainly and integrated hardness with softness. The movements are stretching and taste, throught, aplomb abd steady. One movement is accompanied with all ones so is the still. Waist is the source of breath releasing, take waist as mainly spiral, strength is used everywhere, air is guided with shape and shaoe is broken with air. Breath naturally witth obcious empty and solidthe chest slightly drawn in and downward bowing, store and exert changing interactively Quickness alternates with slowness, it's not only reserves, Chen-style Taijiquan's style and features but also is the good teacher and helpful friend of those beginers.
  • ISBN: 7884087457
  • 2 DVD / NTSC
  • Subtitles in Two Languages: Chinese & English
  • Demonstrated by: Chen Xiaowang
                                  The 19th Generation of Direct Line of Descent of Chen-style
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