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AFR Spindle Sleep Nursing Apparatus

AFR Spindle Sleep Nursing Apparatus
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Name: AFR Spindle Sleep Nursing Apparatus
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Serial Number: 936469400010
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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AFR Spindle Sleep Nursing Apparatus AFR Spindle Sleep Nursing Apparatus

AFR Spindle Sleep Nursing Apparatus

AFR Spindle Sleep Nursing Apparatus is another advanced technician in EEG field by French AFR Corporation. The researchers have collected hundreds of electricity activity of the brain from persons of different career, different psychological status, insomnia and profound sleepers, thus preliminarily demonstrate the "spindle theory" in brain science and psychology field. AFR Spindle Sleep Nursing Apparatus first combines music therapy, biomedicine engineering, Chinese traditional acupuncture point massage, electronic technology and microcomputer control technology in sleep training, it's a new-style electronic health-care product which has preferential effect on insomnia and some other sleep disorder status. Many clinic investigations had already proved its positive and persistent effects.


The apparatus can adjust psychological factors of the patients which might affect sleep, such as anxiety, emotional stress, excitement, depression and so on. It could strengthen and cultivate alpha-wave in the brain by its specially designed frequency-different music, and restore the advantageous frequency of alpha-wave. So it could make the quick wave of the brain convert to slow wave, and make you fall asleep much easily.

The apparatus adopts music therapy, music-electricity therapy and Chinese traditional acupuncture point massage in sleep training. It makes full use of a series of specially designed wave acting on body's sleep gold triangle acupuncture point ( Shenrnen, Daling, Neiguan, this three important point forms a triangle, called as "sleep gold strangle"). It could pacify emotion by using acupuncture point electronic massage in Shenmen point, accelerate blood circulation and alleviate the pressure of the body by massage in Daling and Neiguan points. After a period of treatment, it could increase slow brave in the brain, calm oneself down, thus help to prolong the period of deep sleep.


The product has the following characteristics:

  1. Outstanding superiority: The instrument adopts specially designed frequency-different music therapy, musical electro-acupuncture sleep point therapeutics and brain slow wave inducement therapy.
  2. Unique design: By specially designed electrode slices, the apparatus can overcome the uncomfortable feeling with ordinary electrode slices stimulation, and solve your insomnia more safely and drastically.
  3. Prominent effect: You can experience magnificent effect in solving your insomnia after treatment, which has been proved by thousands of users.
  4. No adverse effects: This treatment is analgesic, noninvasive, nonpoisonous, without addiction and some other adverse effects.
  5. Super safety: Use 4.8 volt super low refreshing battery inside, one time purchase, lifetime use, thus it has absolute safety and low power

Main Functions:

Direct Functions

  1. Improve sleeping quality, and help to fall into sleep easily.
  2. Quickly eliminate fatigue of the brain and maintain profound sleep for rather a long time.
  3. Quickly get into profound sleep.
  4. Solve the problem of chronic insomnia, and make you much healthy.

Indirect Functions

  1. Eliminate fatigue, and recover physical force.
  2. Protect one's brain, restore and maintain psychology of the body.
  3. Enhance immunity of the body, keep away from all kinds of diseases..
  4. Alleviate ageing, beautify and nurse your skin.


Power supply: 4.8 volt refreshing nickel-hydrogen battery, the security of its charger accords with the standard of 0B8898-2001 and possess 3C Certification.

Waveform: Form and intensity of the wave varied according to the melody

Width of pulse: 0.2ms±0.06ms

Output of current: The maximal output of current <100mA, under constant adjustable condition.

Temperature: 5t-40°C

Temperature of storage and transportation: -40°C-50°C

Humidity: 35%-80%

The method of usage: Use it with other fittings simultaneously.

Standard of execution: Q/l-IDHCDOO4-2005

Structure and Components:

The apparatus is composed of mainframe, USB connection wire, earphone, electrode slices and battery charger. The mainframe consists of external shell, integrated circuit board and functional buttons outside.


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