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Acupuncture Point Wall Chart (Male)

Acupuncture Point Wall Chart (Male)
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Name: Acupuncture Point Wall Chart (Male)
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Serial Number: 7530428462
Manufacturer Name: Acupuncture Models & Charts
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Acupuncture Point Wall Chart (Male) Acupuncture Point Wall Chart (Male)

  • ISBN 7-5304-2846-2
  • Set of 3 acupuncture charts in full color, they have been convolved in a paper tube with plastic hangers (self-installation accessories).
  • Includes front, back, side views of the male body and one of the head, oral cavity
  • With described booklet, Paperback 23 pages
  • Each chart measures 78cm(31")x105cm(43")
    1. The real person picture, locates acupuncture-point accurately, is the first wall map which presents real people's physique and acupuncture points, including the male or the female physique (3 charts).
    2. Each set of wall maps includes the human body frontage, back, flank altogether 3 with 1 instruction booklet. In the human body process, half-length with real person picture skin, half-length demonstrating skeleton and internal organs, is advantageous to recognize and operate the acupuncture and moxibustion.
    3. The image of human body, skeleton, internal organs, channels and acupuncture points is more clear and the quality in the existing wall map is the best, which has high academic value.
    4. Examined by Zhu Jiang, the Dean Professor of acupuncture and moxibustion institute of Beijing Chinese Medicine University, it has very high authorization.
    5. The Chinese medicine university, hospital center, the amateur, the acupuncture and moxibustion learner all may purchase because the application value is extremely high.
    6. It is made of waterproof paper with two-side membrane; and it is easy to hang with plastic bamboo pole and the suspension hook.

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