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Wireless Electronic Magic Cupping Set (10 Cups/set)

Wireless Electronic Magic Cupping Set (10 Cups/set)
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Name: Wireless Electronic Magic Cupping Set (10 Cups/set)
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Wireless Electronic Magic Cupping Set (10 Cups/set)

Wireless Electronic Magic Cupping Set  (10 Cups/set)
Electronic cupping set, Burn-free vacuum cupping

Magic Cups is a low-frequency and multi-functional electrical stimulator, which has also various medical functions like middle how frequency stimulation with ICT (Interferential current therapy), TENS (Transcutafleous Nerve Stimulation), EA (Electro-Acupuncture ) and Vacuum Cupping Therapy Effect at the same time.


Adopting Low-Frequency, Magic Cups consisting mostly of middle frequency, has more penetrating power deep into the body than other general TENS devices. Magic Cups (Electro-Acupunctiire and low frequency) maximizes its physio-theraPeUtical effect on the troubled parts of your body. Electrostimulating therapy of this device with its unique and complex frequency gives you maximized benefits of pain control, cure and body toning. Its mini-sized and wireless design will enable you to use it in anytime andanywhere as you like. The followings are the representative advantages.
  • Wireless
  • The conductive pad can be used repeatedly and you don't have to pay for additional pads
  • No discomfort of patching pads
  • Easy to carry for anytime and anywhere use
  • Higher effect of Magic Cups without uncomfortable feeling of electro-stimulation.


Stimulating muscles and blood vessels of the parts in disorder, relieving chronic / acute pain, this therapy improves blood circulation and metabolism of the whole body. Magic Cups is very effective for relieving fatigue, insomnia and stress.


1,000Hz -- 2500Hz is generally defined as middle frequency, Magic Cups is extracted out of this range of frequency by a special algorithm. While low frequency is more stimulating the range of impulse penetrates deeper into human skin, activating the muscle fibers. Magic Cups adopted has also been known to remove fat which is applied mostly at fatness clinic, and it also brought you many surprises in health and beauty care.


Vacuum Cupping draws blood to the surface area of the body where the cups are applied, increases blood flow and relieves muscle cramping, hardening of tissue and associated pain.

That is because of specific reflex zones on the back, abdomen and legs correspond to specific organs. Vacuum cupping therapy can be used to iromote the workings of the kidneys, liver, gallbladder or lungs. Vacuum up can also improve the immune system. The treatment creates tmporary, localized bruises, which like all bruises, activate the body?s efensive cells to heal the bruised area. Please note that the bruise mark could remain, depending on the specific body condition, from 2 hours to a couple of days.


Magic Cups?s vacuum cups and conductive pad are added with antimicrobial colloid composed of silver-nano-particles stabilized by polymers and exhibit excellent antimicrobial efficacy to a wide spectrum of microorganisms

  • 100% Wireless
  • Economical efficiency of Semi-permanent vacuum cups: Conventional electro-pads must be replaced after using several times.
  • New design and concept of Magic Cups with variety of modes enables enhanced effects of TENS Therapy.
  • Portable design enables you to carry and use it in anytime, anywhere.
  • Mild Magic Cups minimized unpleasant feeling of electro-stimulation, while maximizing the efficacy.
  • Variety of user options: 5 mode selections, 8 steps of intensity control.
  • Applicable to actually all parts of human body including haired parts without problems(for example without losing hairs).


    • Control disorder and improve body condition
      Stimulating muscles and blood vessels of the body parts in disorder, Magic Cups therapy improves blood circulation and metabolism of the whole body. More effective on relieving fatigue, insomnia and stress.
    • Improve Function of Blood Vessel
      Magic Cups impulse can give mild and pleasant electro-stimulatjon to nerve tissues, cells and vessels offering intermittent  contraction and relaxation
    • Better Blood Circulation
    Magic Cups allows people with minor chronic pain to resume daily life especially with the following pains
    • Migraines
    • Acute headaches
    • Chronic shoulder pain
    • Chest pain
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Chronic neck and back pain
    • Chronic low back pain after giving birth
    • Knee pain
    Its generally known that electric frequency 40-2500Hz (which is mainly adopted in Magic Cups) helps muscle training and rehabilitation This allows deeper muscle penetration and stronger contraction of muscle fibers Magic Cups pulses contract and relax your muscle rhythmically so that a kind of chemical change takes place within the muscle, which is similar to usual exercises. The chemical reaction resulted from muscle contraction enables you to have better contour.

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