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Ultrasonic Nebulizer Respirator Humidifier MY-520A New

Ultrasonic Nebulizer Respirator Humidifier MY-520A
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Name: Ultrasonic Nebulizer Respirator Humidifier MY-520A
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Serial Number: MY-520A
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus

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Ultrasonic Nebulizer Respirator Humidifier MY-520A Ultrasonic Nebulizer Respirator Humidifier MY-520A Ultrasonic Nebulizer Respirator Humidifier MY-520A

Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer ( Ultrasonic atomizer inhaler )

Compact designed, really on-the-go device
The inhalation of the ultrasonic nebulizer adopts the ultrasonic cavitation to disperse the medicine liquid in the air, and make it to mist granule (aerosol). It inhaled directly through the respiratory tract lesions in the role of a partial treatment. It makes use of this technology to produce large amount of aerosol mist and small granule of fog (0.5~5um ) . It can be inhaled deep to alveolus and bronchial tree, so that the medicine liquid can deposit deep in respiratory tract, and achieve the effect of health care and treatment.
Means of comparison:
The amount of drug therapy for the treatment takes just one-tenth of the traditional therapy means. It does not pass through human organs but have effect on the part of focus. This has a decrease of gastrointestinal drugs in the liver and kidneys and other organs of the degradation, and have reduced side effects. Atomization is a non-invasive therapy treatment, it needs short course of treatment but take effect quickly. And it alleviates patient's pain and inconvenience who takes an injections and medication.
  • Provides soft moisture for nasal congestion, dry cough and dry skin
  • Supports easier breathing and congestion relief from allergy and asthmatic type symptoms
  • Provides relief from cough, cold and flu symptoms by a non-medicated way
  • Cost effective, simple to operate and low noise
  • Also a nice ornament with its fashion design
  • Automatic shut-off when empty
  • Power :DC 12V
  • Two airflow control
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Compact in size, light in weight and portable to take
Package Contents:
1 x MY-520 Portable Ultrasonic Atomized Humidifier, 1 x Charger, 1 x Soft glue gasket, 2 x Rodent spigot, 5 x Medicine cups


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