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Eyes & Temple Massager

Eyes & Temple Massager
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Name: Eyes & Temple Massager
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Serial Number: isee360
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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Contents: iSee-360 massager / Earbug / English Manual / 4 "AA" Alkaline Batteries.
Eyes & Temple Massager
iSee 330 upgraded editioin. This product is a multifunctional high-tech device for health care of eyes. It can massage our temples fully. With the help of computer Chip Control technique, this product gives an all way humanization simulated control. The product adopts leading-edge high technology - infrared heat producer which can activate the radiated cells, make the molecules vibrate, strengthen the combination of the molecules, and strengthen the tissue regeneration capacity. Your immunology will be better. The product successfully applies the concept of air pressing to the protection and health-keeping of the eyes. The air pressing can give the eyes an overall massage under the control of the minor computer. This process can lessen the stress of the eyes, recover the contraction of the ciliary muscle, and prevent the elongate or atrophy of eye axis. With a built-in three-dimensional magnetic field, when you use the product, the constant movement of the field gives an effective massage to the main parts of the face and the muscles a round the eyes, generating micro-current in blood vessels around the eyes and activating the blood circulation.
Acupuncture Points Symptoms Treated:
Zanzhu:         Zanzhu headache, eye gall, blurred vision, walleye
Yuyao:           Yuyao keratitis, facial paralysis, eye ophthalimoplegia
Sizhukong:   Sizhukong hemicrania, remove obstruction in channels to clear eyesight
Temple:        Temple headache, eye disease
Tongziliao:   Tongziliao refractive error, optic atrophy
Qiuhou:        Qiuhou dispel wind and remove heat, moisten and clear eyes
Chengqi:      Chengqi acute and chronic keratitis, epiphora induced by wind, retinitis
Qingming:    Qingming dispel wind and remove heat, moisten and clear eyesuralgia
Sibai:             Sibai facial paralysis, trifacial neuralgia
Bitong:          Bitong Refractive error, nastitis and nasal
Multi Frequency Vibration:
Reduces eye fatigue for the user and keeps you healthy. With the help of rhythmic vibration from the motor it stimulating nerves for additional blood circulation.
Heart Calming Music:
Allows the user to go into a state of relaxation and comfort, with the help of two types of recorded brain waves and five natural sounds. This selection of music and heart calming methods are from the psychologist "Wang Tingying".
Intelligent Air Pressure:
Gives an overall soft massage to the eyes, relaxes ciliary muscles and reduces the swelling of the eyeballs. The air-bag pressure is controlled with the aid of a built-in computer.
Infrared Rays and Hot Compression:
Boosts the blood circulation to the eyes, provides more oxygen and relieves tired eyes. The infrared rays produce 4-14 micrometre wave length wih the use of carbon fibre materials.
Safety and Convenience:
 * Three times a day, each for 5 minutes' physiotherapy
 * Free of side effects
 * Without dependence.
1. Persons suffering from myopia, amblyopia or astigmatism and the persons using computers and eyes for too long time. The college, high school or primary school students suffering from pseudomyopia, combined myopia, or myopia.
2. The persons working with computers, including computer operators, accountants, designers, teachers, engineering and technical personnel.
3. The persons with eye-bag and black eyes caused by visual fatigue and those with wrinkles caused by poor blood circulation.
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This is the second and the best eye massager I have purchased.
This is the second and the best eye massager I have purchased. It works very well, has a lot of vibration & chi energy to give a good strong massage around the eye muscles. Really relaxes the eye muscles. Product received very timely.
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by Marvin G.
from New York United States
22 Sep 2008