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AK-2000-IV Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Apparatus

AK-2000-IV Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Apparatus
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Name: AK-2000-IV Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Apparatus
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Serial Number: ak-2000-iv
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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AK-2000-IV Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Apparatus is a new generation at innovative health care product based on the developments in physics, bionics and electro-biology. It combines theories of traditional Chinese therapeutic treatment and modern micro electronic technology with a lot of clinical practices. The unit simulates five traditional message techniques at Naprapathy, Hammering Scraping. Neck and Loin/Leg.

This unit has a significant curative effect on the body and bony structure. It repeatly applys helpful electro-stimulated acupuncture and massage on the sympathetic nerve acupoints of the intervertebral disc, cervical nerve root, spondyle, vertebra artery and neck by imitating the basic technique of acupuncture end massage, thus cause the regular shrinking and stretching of the neck muscle, improve blood circulation, diminish inflammation, relieve pain and then curing the cervical spondylosis.

Treatment Mechanism:

This Cervical Vertebra therapeutic apparatus acts on affected part or acupoints to reduce the excitability of peripheral nerve, accelerate the blood circulation, thus to relieve pains and diminish inflammation. Besides it also could release the aches & smelling of the neck and nerve root. Also the electronic pulse current which is distributed based on massaging rhythms simulates the nerves to relax the stiff neck muscle, relieve pain, revive the limited function, thus to improve the blood supplying for brain and vertebra, promote the cerebrospinal fluid circulation.

Range of Uses:

  1. Uncomfortable body pains: - fatigue of the whole body or individual parts, soreness of lower back, pain in the neck and shoulders, pinched muscles or tendons.
  2. Various acute and chronic pains: arthritis of joints, periarthritis, lumbar muscle strains, muscular fatigue.
  1. Main Unit x 1
  2. Electrode Wire x 1
  3. Neck Massager x 1
  4. Electrode x 2
  5. Neck Massager Electrode x 2
  6. Batteries AAA x 3

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