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Credit Card Processing

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to place an order on this store?

PLease feel free to review our introduction regarding how to place order online by clicking on "Ordering".

I saw the item that I'm interested currently is out of stock, would you please give me an email when this currently out-of-stock product becomes available again?

Yes! You can ask to be informed when products that are out of stock are replenished. Please click on link of �Notify Me When Stock Is Available� where appears on bottom of the item's details page, and take a minute to enter your contacting email address. We would like to send you an intervention via email once this out-of-stock product becomes available again.

What detailed credit card's information should I provide when making purchases ?

To protect your credit card against fraud, our credit card processing system will compare the address, Zip code and card code submitted with a transaction to these information stored at the credit card issuing bank, so please carefully make sure your credit card's information below all is correct before placing orders:

  • Credit Card Number:           Located on front of your card
  • The Name of Card Holder:  Located on front of your card
  • Expires date:                      Located on front of your card
  • Billing Address:                  Located on your credit card monthly statements
  • Card Verification Code:     The 3-digit value is printed just above the signature panel  in reverse italics on the back of your card. Usually it is preceded by your card number.  * For American Express Card, the verification code is a 4-digit number on the front of your card. It appears to the right of your card number.


Why the billing address and Card Verification Code must be required?

We individually verify the billing address and Card Verification Code of each credit card used in phone or online orders. This is done to provide added security and prevent fraud. We ask for the complete billing address and Card Verification Code of your card and personally verify its authenticity. This makes a stolen card or number worthless to a thief who doesn't know your billing address and Card Code correctly.

What if I tried to put an order through and it was declined every time?

Before you purchase with us, please take a moment to ensure the following:

1) Cookies are turned on
2) JavaScript is enabled
3) Popup blockers are turned off
4) Firewalls or privacy software are disabled
5) Download accelerators are turned off

How to Ship & Delivery Time Expectations ?

For second day delivery orders and overnight delivery orders, our goal is to ship most in-stock orders the same day when placed by 12:00 p.m. (EDT) Monday - Friday (holidays excluded). For orders requesting delivery by Economy Ground, we'll ship most in-stock orders by the next Business day (typically 24 - 48 hours from receipt and credit approval of order). Fraud prevention, credit approval, order volume, system problems, weather conditions, and other variables can affect processing, however. Sunday and holiday shipments/deliveries are not available at this time. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be shipped the following week pending payment authorization. Choose from one of our low-cost shipping and handling options below.

Is it really secure if I place an order on this website?

Yes, when you place an order with us using one of our secure order system, all of the data that you provide will be encrypted by our secure server. Encryption means that the information that you send is scrambled in such a way that only OUR server can read. Thus, even if your data gets intercepted as it's routed along the internet, it will appear as indecipherable gibberish.

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) -- the encryption process developed by Netscape -- which is the industry standard for processing a secure transaction over the internet. Most modern web browsers support SSL, including Netscape Navigator, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, etc.

How Can I Tell It's Secure when entering my credit card information online?

It's easy to tell when a document on your browser is coming from a secure server.

One way is to note the status of the security icon provided by your browser. In Netscape Navigator, for example, the icon in the lower left corner of the window will appear as a solid "key" symbol (not a broken key) when you are viewing a secure document. (In Microsoft Internet Explorer, a "padlock" icon is used.)

Another method is to note that in the location (URL) field of your browser, the address will begin with https:// instead of the usual http://

What about my private inforamtion after order completed?

We goes to great length to provide security for our credit card transactions. Whether in person, by phone, by fax, or through online orders, we protect the security and validity of your transaction. Any time you provide us with your email address - either through email inquiries, surveys, or through online orders, you can rest assured that we will NOT share your address with ANY third party. All information is kept private for our use only.
In addition, we will NOT send you any "junk" email or messages that do not relate to the purpose of your original communication with us.

What if I Still Don't Want to Order Online?

Although we are confident that our secure server provides safe and secure online ordering, we understand that some customers may prefer to order through other means. This is not a problem.

Simply just place your order through selecting "Send Payment", print out either the receipt shown by your browser or the email receipt. Write the order ID on your check/money order, make your check/money order payable to "SINIC AVENUE",and send it along with the receipt printout. We will ship your order once your payment has been received and cleared.