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Ear Candles (Beeswax) 4 Candles/Box

Ear Candles (Beeswax) 4 Candles/Box
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Name: Ear Candles (Beeswax) 4 Candles/Box
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Serial Number: ear-candle-05046
Manufacturer Name: Moxa & Moxibustion Tools
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  • A purely natural products, 7.5" length x 4 Candles /Box
  • Ear Candling (Ear Coning)

    During the ear candling session you lie on your side with your body in a straight alignment.

    A special conical candle is inserted into a protective plate . . . The candle is lit and slowly begins to burn. The small tapered end of the candle is gently placed into your ear canal. The ear candle by its shape, design and length draws ear wax and fungus deposits from deep inside your ear canal.

    As the ear candling session progresses, extracted ear wax and fungus will be burned off, but a majority will be collected in the bottom part of the candle. After the candle has burned down and been extinguished, the therapist may cut open the remnant and show you any remaining unburnt contents of your ear canal.

    Conditions that may benefit from Ear Candling:

    . Headaches

    . Ringing in the Ears . Migraines
    . Ear Infections . Plugged Ears . Chronic Sinusitis
    . TMJ Dysfunction . Hearing Challenges . Imbalance
    . Excessive Wax . Inner Ear Pressure . Ear Aches & Pain

    Suggestion and advice:

    1. The same method should be applied to both ears.
    2. It is most recommendable to apply this before you go to sleep.
    3. It can be applied only when there is another person on the scene to assist and take care of you.
    4. There will be no smoke between the beeswax moxibustion and the ear if the moxibustion is correctly placed.
    5. Avoid using this method when you are allergic to wax

    Application methods:

    1. Insert the beeswax moxibustion in the middle crack of the protection plate and light it.
      Attention: The flame is not allowed to exceed the small ring in the front of the moxibustion.
    2. Rest the head horizontally on the table, insert the moxibustion into the ear and hold it vertically with the hand (Forming a 90-degree angle against the table).
    3. When the flame burns to the front of the ring, take the moxibustion out and put the flame in water


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