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Red Date Tea

Red Date Tea
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Name: Red Date Tea
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Serial Number: 888296067011
Manufacturer Name: Chinese Herbal Tea

  • Package: 10 Sachets
  • Net Wt / Poids Net: 6.3oz/180g (0.63oz/18g X 10s)
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    Chinese Red Data Tea

    * No preservative of artificial coloring, Ideal drink for daily consumption

    GOLD KILI INSTANT RED TEA is made from top grade ingredients to give a refreshing and invigorating feeling when consumed. Modern and hygienic manufacturing techniques are used to preserve the natural taste, goodness and fragrance. It is an ideal drink for everyone.

    PERPARATION: One sachet of instant drink makes one cup of beverage. To prepare, pour contents, add hot water (250ml), stir and serve instantly or add warm water (125ml). Stir and add ice.

    INGREDIENTS: Red Dates, Longans and Honey.

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