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Infantile Tuina Therapy

Infantile Tuina Therapy
Name: Infantile Tuina Therapy
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  • Paperback: 120 pages
  • ISBN 711900641x
  • Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
  • Tuina therapy used to be called massage in ancient times; it has a long history in China and a collection of many monographs. The therapy is safe, economical, simple, effective, painless and without side effects, thus widely accepted. Of particular import is that infantile tuina therapy relieves not only the infant's fears of injection and orally administered drugs but also parents' anxiety.

    Drawing on thirty-some years of clinical experience and the relevant literature, Luan Changye, a tuina specialist, has compiled Infantile Tuina Therapy. The book covers the commonly used manipulations and the therapeutic points and indications in infantile turns. It is a comprehensive monograph on infantile tuina therapy with substantial content and practical use.

    The 60,000-word book has more than a hundred illustrations.

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