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Wandering [By: Lu Xun]

Wandering [By: Lu Xun]
Name: Wandering [By: Lu Xun]
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    A great number of China's classics and records as well as literary works from the Qin down to modern times, in the aim to fully display the best part of the Chinese culture and its achievements. These books in the original are famous and authoritative in their respective fields, and their English translations are masterworks produced by notable translators both at home and abroad. Each book is carefully compiled and translated with minute precision. Consequently, the English versions as well as their Chinese originals may both be rated as classics.

    It is generally considered that these English translations are not only significant for introducing China to the outside world but also useful reading materials for domestic English learners and translators. For this reason, publisher carefully selected some of these books, and will publish them successively in Chinese-English bilingual form.

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