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The Best in Modern Chinese Folk Painting

The Best in Modern Chinese Folk Painting
Name: The Best in Modern Chinese Folk Painting
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  • Paperback 180 pages 285 x 285mm
  • ISBN 7119011375
  • Foreign Languages Press Beijing 1990 1st Edition
  • Chinese folk painting on auspicious themes expressing good wishes has a long history. With the passing of time and the trend towards a richer daily life it has in the last decade flourished tremendously, and close on a hundred towns and villages are officially recognized for the work of painters who increasingly cover a wider range of themes in more varied styles. This is what is called "modern folk painting".

    The two hundred and more pictures In The Best in Modern Chinese Folk Painting were chosen from some ten thousand. Their originality of composition and bright palette reflect the lives of peasants, fishermen, herdsmen and village women and children and ire redolent of the soil. Chosen from a wide area covering over twenty provinces and towns, they are extremely varied in style, reflecting a panorama of modern folk painting in China. In his foreword Cao Zhenfeng, a researcher in the subject, explains the tradition and development of Chinese folk painting and the distinct regional styles. Appended to the album is a map to guide the reader.

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