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Moxa Granule (Plaster) 200Pcs/Box

Moxa Granule (Plaster) 200Pcs/Box
Name: Moxa Granule (Plaster) 200Pcs/Box
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Manufacturer Name: Moxa & Moxibustion Tools
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Moxa Granule (Plaster) 200Pcs/Box

Box contains 4 sheets containing 50 per sheet. (200 per box)

The high-grade Chinese mugwort, it made with extra care, using the natural Chinese mugwort leaves, which lives in Chanbaishan Mountain of China, as the raw material. It adheres to the acu-point, the warming moxa heat builds slowly to a momentary acute heat and then recedes gradually.

Notice of usable: It is more effective if you followed the doctor's direction while using. Not to use, such as hove a fever, after bathe of face.

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