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Acupuncture Human Body Model - Female 48cm

Acupuncture Human Body Model - Female 48cm
Name: Acupuncture Human Body Model - Female 48cm
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Serial Number: MF48-acupuncture model
Manufacturer Name: Acupuncture Models & Charts
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  • Soft and durable plastic model of human body, female, 48cm / 19" H
  • International standard marked in number and words.
  • This human body models made of lustrous PVC plastic. Mounted on wooden or plastic bases. It is the latest version of acupuncture model located with meridianal acupoints and extraordinary points. Points are located and approved by renowned acupuncturist and institute of China. 361 points and 48 extraordianry points numbered according to their meridians. Labeled with English characters (i.e. HN3, ST17 etc.) on the body. English & Chinese manual is included.

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