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Magnetic Seed (Ball) 120Pcs/Box New

Magnetic Seed (Ball) 120Pcs/Box
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Name: Magnetic Seed (Ball) 120Pcs/Box
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Serial Number: magnetic seeds
Manufacturer Name: Sterile Acupuncture Needles
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Magnetic Seed (Ball) 120Pcs/Box

Packed: 120 PCS / BOX

Usually press-spheres (pellets or magnets) are placed on acupoints for a maximum of three to four days. The method of application is very simple. After finding a distinctive sore point (acupoint), place a press pellet or magnet at the point, making sure to apply firm pressure to ensure adequate contact of the tape to skin and adequate pressure of the press-pellet to the point.

Quickly you will see the desired effects within five minutes. There is distinct advantages to the use of the press-pellets and magnets:

  • They are safe and easy to use.
  • They are very useful form of home therapy.
  • They are ideal for treating children (The child's parent can easily instructed to replace or remove the press-pellet or magnet.), or for those patients with extreme over sensitivity, where almost any stimulus seems too strong or too much, press-pellets can be useful as supportive therapy.
  • Press-pellets are very useful when applied to auricles. (ear acupoints)

Some patients have very sensitive auricles and intradermals in the auricles cause too much discomfort. Then press-pellets are usually a good alternative treatment.

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