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Copper Moxa Container (Burner)

Copper Moxa Container (Burner)
Name: Copper Moxa Container (Burner)
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Serial Number: moxa container
Manufacturer Name: Moxa & Moxibustion Tools
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Copper Moxa Container (Burner)

Caution: A cloth must always be used between the skin and burner to protect the patient from over heat!

Warming heat and massage pressure create a comfortable sensation. Between the skin and the instrument , a cotton cloth must be used to protect the patient from any additional or excessive heat.

Usually used with Moxa Extinguisher/Stand/Holder together. Made of brass with wood handle, fits for both loose moxa and rool moxa. The warming heat and massage pressure creates a comfortable sensation.

  • Container: 2"(L)x1.5"(W)x1.2"(H)
  • Handle: 6.5" (L)

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