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Acupuncture Digital Therapy Massager New

Acupuncture Digital Therapy Massager
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Name: Acupuncture Digital Therapy Massager
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Serial Number: 2018A
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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Acupuncture Digital Therapy Massager

Digital Therapy Massager
Operates for 2 person at the same time

1. Functional features:

Flying (Model: 2018A') is a new generation of healthcare product developed in accordance with theory of Traditional Chinese Meridians and Vessels, electro biology, physics and modern microelectronic technology and in combination with abundant clinical practices. Flying is also a family and individual health care therapeutic device of the most advanced, the highest application rate and the best effect on body reaction by combining seven Therapeutically methods, including slow stroke, united stroke, united stroke, massage, acupuncture, scrapping , cupping , weight reducing, sleeping, adjust BP, footing, Immunotherapy.

2.Therapeutic Mechanism

Acting of cells odd human muscles, nerves, organs and tissues can produces weak current.. It is formed due to change of some biologic electrons in living organism. The whole life of human being cannot get away from bio-electronic motion; it always maintains relative balance in unbalance. According to the theory of channels and collaterals in Chinese medicine, the unbalance of the biological chain may cause disorder of channels and collaterals , arousing various discomfort or pains of human body.

Through the high and advanced digital technology, the microelectronic programs of Flying synthesize seven high-energy biological electronic currents to directly affect the body-surface acupoints or Non-Fixed Acupoints of affected place. Induced by needling sensation through lifting, retaining and swirling the acupuncture needle, the stimulus can have anti-inflammation and detumescence effect by inhibiting sympathetic nerve, dilating blood vessel, promoting blood circulation and strengthening phagocytes of viscous and tissue. At the same time, high-energy pulse electronic currents can stimulate neuromuscle to extend and the resulting movement effect can effectively alleviate the fatigue and deal with paralysis and damage to peripheral nerve.
In combination with theory of Traditional Chinese Meridians and Vessels modern electro biology, physics , the method of blood-pressure dropping automatically release the high bioelectric currents in ear back channel at regular time and in fixed quantity by directly utilizing bioelectronics of body itself and through natural Therapeutically methods. Such automatic release of bioelectronics currents gradually balance the bioelectronics of body itself and thus lower the blood pressure.

The manufactory has creatively developed room temperature infrared frequency spectrum electrode by using nanometer technology. It can generate high-energy infrared spectrum after electronic collision and accepting the skin radiation energy, which can further enhance the function of relieving inflammation, swelling and pain so that the therapeutic efficacy can be further improved.

The high-energy infrared electrode infrared frequency spectrum emission rates are as follows (The following date have been tested by China National Infrared Testing Center)


Before 8um







Emission Rate








3. Features:

1.Applied with digital technology, this unit transfers the physical factors necessary to the human body into precise digital signals and conducts comprehensive therapy through computer based on the requirements of the body. In this way, the therapeutic accuracy can be ensured and the therapeutic efficacy can be greatly improved.

2.The unique deep treatment button can be used to instantly change the output pulse width so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and flesh, making you more satisfactory .

3. The special immunotherapy function.

4.Uses the double channel to output, but the multi-people, simultaneously use the massager.

5.Hands over the straight dual purpose, may use the USB connection charge, facilitates ubiquitous.

6.The low frequency massage, the health care is more comprehensive.

7.The real color liquid crystal box obviously controls, the vision IS more comfortable, the control is more convenient.
4. Applicable diseases
Indication Stiff shoulder, end neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole body fatigue, stomachache, bad cold, cervical vertebra neck ache, perarthritis, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, energy failure, weak sexual ability, irregular menstruation, various acute chronic disease.
Accessories & Maintenance

1.The battery used here is of standard type and not of special type , which is available on market.

2.The Electrode Terminal and Lead are changeable and are available at dealer and retailer's shop.

3.Please contact the dealer if you want to repair the device or buy accessions.

4.Please contact the dealer if you buy the product in exhibition fair, or contact directly with the manufacturer if there is no dealer in the local city.

5.The device has a warranty of 1 year as specified in Warranty Card. Only cost is to be charged for those issues not covered in the warranty or when the warranty expires.



Dc4.5v, 3AAA(7#) batteries; USB Power supply



Power Consumption

Less than 180mw

Life of Battery

For 45 hours continuously in normal operation

Size of the device


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