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AK-2000-V Music Massager

AK-2000-V Music Massager
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Name: AK-2000-V Music Massager
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Serial Number: AK-2000-V
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
Stock Status: In Stock

AK-2000-V Music Massager AK-2000-V Music Massager

AK-2000-V Music Massager
Functions and Features:
AK-2000-V Music Massager is a kind of multifunctional massager that has the internal music, can be connected With MP3, MP4 and PC.

AK-2000-V Music Massage is a new generation of innovative health care based on development in physics, bionics and electro-biology. It combines theories of classical Chinese therapeutic treatments and modern micro electronic technology to produce a personal massage with music experience for the user. The unit simulates five traditional massage techniques of Hammering, Naprapathy. Scraping, Neck/Shoulder and Loin/Leg. Additionally it has internal and external music function. It is a stylish massager in the world.
Treatment Mechanism:
This Music Massager synthesizes five micro-computer programs and micro-electronics audio frequency technology imitating the feelings of a real massage into an electronic pulse which then acts in a pain relieving manner on the individual using the massager.
Pain relief is achieved by stimulating the nerve cells of muscle in such a way as to encourage the expansion and contraction of the muscle, this allows increased blood flow into the weakened tissue bringing proteins and essential nutrients for enhanced recovery and pain relief. In terms of acupuncture for the relief of inflammation and swelling, the massager utilizes differing amplitude electronic pulses to achieve the effect of differing needle depths and thus generating a sympathetic healing treatment.
The electronic pulse current which is distributed based on massaging rhythms, stimulates the nerves, generating muscle movement without the requirement of the user, this is a natural occurrence and direct result of the massager, it is designed in order to help alleviate pain, if used correctly. The user can experience the joy of music as well as the massage

Range of Uses:
  1. Various acute and chronic pains: arthritis of the joints, periarthritis, lumbar muscle strains, muscular fatigue.
  2. Uncomfortable body pains:  fatigue of the whole body or individual parts, soreness of lower back, pain in the neck and shoulder, pinched muscles or tendons.
  3. Some elements of body shaping- postpartum loose abdomen and atrophied muscles.

Specification & Packaging:

  • Power: DC4.5V, AAA(7#) batteries
  • Frequency:  1~300HZ
  • Outline dimension:   L83.2 X W42 X T22 (MM)
  1. Main Unit x 1
  2. Electrode Wire x 1
  3. USB Wire x 1
  4. Batteries  AAA x 3
  5. Electrode x 2
  6. Audio Wire x 1
  7. Earphone x 1
  8. Storage Bag x 1
  9. Portable Wire x 1

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