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Bamboo Flute Rhyme

Bamboo Flute Rhyme
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Name: Bamboo Flute Rhyme
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Serial Number: 105122300135
Manufacturer Name: Chinese Music CD
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Bamboo Flute Rhyme

Bamboo Flute Rhyme
  1. The coral song
  2. Meet at Aobao
  3. Girs of Daban Town
  4. The kangding love song
  5. The clear and cool water of chang lake
  6. Somewhere far away
  7. Please stay, gust from afar
  8. The wild geese head south
  9. Homesick
  10. On the sun island
  11. Give bright red chinese date to the kin
  12. The camel bells
  13. Piscatorial girls

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