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Pipa (PI PA)

Pipa (PI PA)
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Name: Pipa (PI PA)
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Serial Number: 7884890305_05
Manufacturer Name: Chinese Music CD
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Pipa (PI PA)

Pipa (PI PA)
  1. The Ambush on All Sides
  2. White Sonw in Sunny String
  3. Zhao Jun Going out to the Frontier
  4. Lament of Chang Men
  5. High Mountain and Flowing Waters
  6. King Xiang Ya Discarding Hits Armour
  7. Plum Blossom Melody
  8. At the Northern Frontier Fortress
  9. Dance of the Golden Snake
  10. Little Gauze Dress
  11. The "San-Liu" Tune
  12. A Green Area Sprikled with Flowers

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