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Hwato SDZ-III New Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument

Hwato SDZ-III New Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument
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Name: Hwato SDZ-III New Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument
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Serial Number: 901452923470
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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Hwato SDZ-III New Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument

Hwato SDZ-III Nerve and Muscle Stimulator
Upgraded from
Electronic Acupunctrue Treatment Instrument
SDZ-III Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument (Nerve and Muscle Stimulator) is combining modern micro computer high-new technique with traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and meridian theory, based on the traditional SDZ series of electronic acupuncture treatment Instrument. The product is used for applying low frequency pulse to stimulate the acupoints of human body.
  • 6 pieces of output electrode wires
  • 6 pairs of self-adhesive electrode ( size: 50mm X 50mm )
  • 6 pairs of Filiform needle-electrode (Metal Clamps), ( size: < or = 28mm)
  • 1 English-Chinese User Manual
  • 1 certificate of product quality conformity
  • 1 foam box against shock.
Output Pulse Wave: un-symmetry bi-direction triangular pulse wave Pulse Frequency: frequency adjustable in 1~100 Hz.
Output pulse frequency:
      Continuous Wave: 1~100Hz adjustable continuously
      Intermittent Wave: Continuous Wave frequency 1~100Hz adjustable continuously; interval time between Continuous Wave groups 5 sec, duration time of Continuous Wave 15 sec.
      Distant-dense Wave: frequency of distant wave is one fifth of the frequency of dense wave, frequency of dense wave is 5-100Hz adjustable, the duration time of distant wave 5 sec, the duration time of dense wave 10 sec.
Output Pulse width: 0.175 ms 30%
Output Pulse channel: 6 channels
Output current: 鈮�ma (load 500鈩�)
Each channel maximum output power: 0.3VA (load 500鈩�)
Power supply:
  • Installed Power: DC9V (' C' or R14 battery x 6)
  • Or AC/DC Adaptor: Input AC 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Input power: 10 VA
Volume: 440 X 340 X 123 mm3
Weight: 1kg

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