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TIANHE Zhuifeng Gao/Plaster (10 Pieces)

TIANHE Zhuifeng Gao/Plaster (10 Pieces)
Name: TIANHE Zhuifeng Gao/Plaster (10 Pieces)
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Serial Number: tianhezhuifeng-plaster
Manufacturer Name: Guilin Tianhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Size: 7cm x 10cm
  • Packaged: 10 sheets/box
    External Remedy
    Retrograde osteoarthritis is also called spur or osteophyte in general, It's a commonly and freauently encountered disease in middle-aged and old people, Experts thinks that it's a result of bone retrogression, after which the compensation has it's stable function, for the middle-aged and old people, Which joints have worn in a long time, gradually become spur that stimulate and press around tissues, then impact the microcirculation of capillaries, that causes local congestion, dropsy adhesion finally creates aseptic inflammation. The inflamed products reversely stimulate spur regenerating. Retrograde osteoarthritis is classified into two types, painful and unpainful types.
    For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints due to simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. Warms the channels and frees the network vessels, dispels wind and eliminates dampness, promotes blood circulation and relieves pain. Applicable for rheumatism pattern such as impediment and pain, lumbar and back ache, numbness of the limbs, spasm of sinews, etc.
    Every plaster works effectively within 12 hours, can effectively relax ache. This plaster is put on lesion directly. Every ten days is a therapeutic course, the aseptic inflammation can be diminished completely. The effective rate is 93.7%
    1. Clear up the skin, cut a suitable piece of plaster and stick it on the suffered parts.
    2. One piece of plaster can be used for 12 hours, it is better to use one piece for one day.
    3. One therapeutic course is 10 days.
    4. It the better to add up hot compress and massage.


    • Do not use more than 2 per day
    • Do not use 1 hour prior to bathing or 30 minutes after bathing
    • Do not leave on for excessive length of time - 锟� may cause skin irritation


    Radix aconiti, herba ephedrae, herba asari, rhizoma seu radix notopterygii, radix angelicae pubescentis, radix clematidis, flos carthomi, olibanum, myrrha, sanguis draconis, cortex connamomi, borneol, herba menthae, etc.

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