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Hwato Mini Wireless Digital Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator

Hwato Mini Wireless Digital Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator
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Name: Hwato Mini Wireless Digital Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator
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Serial Number: DZZ-2000C
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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Hwato Mini Wireless Digital Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator

* Comes with detailed English Manual
Mini Wireless Digital T.E.N.S. and E.M.S.
Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator (TENS) & Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS)
  • Main Unit
  • Battery (CR2032)
  • Travel Storage Box
  • Detailed English-Chinese Manual
  • Butterfly-like Electrode Pad (108x46mm)
This mini wireless TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator) /EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator) provides Low Frequency Therapy. Which makes use of weak electrical currents that are applied to the body to directly stimulate muscles, nerve fibers and acupuncture pathways. This form of therapy serves to relax the muscles, reshape the body, calm the nerves system, improve blood circulation and assist in the natural healing of applying areas.
  • To relieve soreness in the applied area
  • To relieve symptomatic long term intractable pain
  • Having an effect of massage, remove paralysis of the peripheral nervous system
  • Assist the management of post surgical and traumatic acute pain problem.
  • Having an effect of regular exercise, helping strengthen and firm the muscle.
  • Can be used to assist treatment of back pain, lumbago, sciatica, tension, headache, tennis elbow sports, sport strains and sprains, damaged ligaments and all nuscle related injuries.
  1.  Wireless type, mini size design, convenient to operate and private.
  2.  10 different digital output intensity selections.
  3. 10 minutes auto-therapy time setting
  4. "Protuberant" design on the buttons, easy to operate with finger-touching.
  5.  Memorizing function, can operate by one singe button, for easier subsequent usage of same function.
  6. On/Off button also functions to set stimulation intensity.
  7.  With "Load-Detect function" to cut down the output intensity to lowest level once when the conductive pads been left off from skin. This is for keeping the user feel comfortable in case they move the pads to other part of body and do not turn off the power firstly.
  8. "Electric-saving Micro-computer singe chip" designed.
  9. "SMT" integrated operation production. High efficacy and high quality.
  10. Attractive tiny exterior, enclosed a storage gift box for easy carry and safe keep.
  11. Energy Saving function: When the adhesive pads are taken off from human body over 20 sec., the system will turn off the power automatically.
  1. Battery: DC 3.0V (CR 2032)
  2. Bandwidth: 175us
  3. Band frequency. 2-50 Hz
  4. Output current: max.0.25mA rms  +-20%
  5. Output voltage max: 0.8 V (P-P) by 500 O +-20%
  6. Auto-time setting: 10 minute
  7. Output intensity level adjustment: 0-10 (10 levels)
  8. Outptt function selection. T, K1, K2
  9. Average battery life: approx 15 hours.
  10. Size of Main Unit 61(L) x 35(W) x 8(H)mm
  11. Weight: 13 g (not including batteries), 17g (including batteries.)


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