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Gaohu (Gao Hu)

Gaohu (Gao Hu)
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Name: Gaohu (Gao Hu)
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Serial Number: 7884890305_03
Manufacturer Name: Chinese Music CD
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Gaohu (Gao Hu)

Gaohu (Gao Hu)
  1. Autumn Moon on a Placid Lake
  2. A Hundred Birds Paying Tribute to Phoenis
  3. Shadowy Mount Hua
  4. A Couple Grief
  5. Yang Cui Xi
  6. Spring in Field
  7. Swimming Fish in Spring
  8. The Autumn Moon over the Han Palace
  9. Butterfilies Flying Wing to Wing
  10. Drunken Inperial Concubine Yang
  11. Liu Yaojin
  12. Peacock Spreading Tail
  13. Birds Plunging in to Wood
  14. Tweedie in Reef
  15. Thunders in the Dry Season

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