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Besta Z9000 Color Interactive English-Chinese Handwriting Dictionary

Besta Z9000 Color Interactive English-Chinese Handwriting Dictionary
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Name: Besta Z9000 Color Interactive English-Chinese Handwriting Dictionary
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Besta Z9000 Color Interactive English-Chinese Handwriting Dictionary Besta Z9000 Color Interactive English-Chinese Handwriting Dictionary Besta Z9000 Color Interactive English-Chinese Handwriting Dictionary


  • USB cable + PC link driver CD-ROM.
  • Handwriting recognition pen
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Universal A/C adaptor (110V/220V automatic switch.)
  • Leather case, Earphone, User's Manual (in Chinese). English Manual download online: English Manual
  • One-year BESTA limited warranty.
  • Sized: 5.5 x 3.4 x 0.7 in / Weight: 8.1 oz

    Electronic Talking English-Chinese Sentence translation Dictionary    The Latest Edition
    The Oxford King of Translation & The Cambridge Encyclopedia

    The real color interactive multimedia BESTA Z9000 is a 17-language  (Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean/) dictionary, personal organizer and languages teacher including Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese and Korean voice synthesis. Ideal for global business trader, or people whose learning, speaking hinese/English/Japanese/Korean. It is one of the most sophisticated reference, language and business tools currently available. It's making the most sense of the complex information necessary when learning any foreign language.

    Main Features:    (Best for both of Chinese and English Learning)

    • Built-in Sentence translation.
    • Million words search in 17 languages Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean.
    • 1st to incorporate learning grammar from sample sentences.
    • Built-in with English-Chinese Dictionary, approximate 4,350,000 words.
    • Built-in with reputable Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary (6th Edition) & Cambridge Encyclopedia.
    • Providing The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary and Chinese Dictionary, in Simplified and Traditional versions.
    • Built-in with Japanese /Chinese, Chinese/Japanese Dictionary, approx 110,000 words search.
    • Downloadable Video Learning titles with daily life contents.
    • Animated Grammatical Learning, through scenario teaching method, enhance your memory.
    • Learn English through watching cartoons, Fun and Effective.
    • Provides derivation/root explanation, precise pronunciation via Syllable by Syllable.
    • Incorporating MP3, Voxware and Bestalk voice technologies.
    • Built in with MP3 Player & Digital Voice Recording, learn & relax at one on the go.
    • Extra slim and double card slot design, enable memory extension with standard SD card.
    • USB transmission media and portable hard disk function.
    • Using Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery,  with A/C 100-240V transformer. 

    FUNCTIONS LISTING:   * Press SHIFT key, and press HELP key anytime for instruction in English / Chinese

    1.  Dictionary
      • Sentence Translation
        • Allows to input Chinese/ English to search for translation results
        • Allows to cross search in other dictionaries and pronunciation of Chinese/English
        • Allows to search in reference sentence library:Besta library and Oxford library
      • English-Chinese Dictionary
        • A wide coverage of English entries, close to 300,000 words- allows to search in sentences of English-Chinese Dictionary and Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
        • Offers secondary search: spelling check, similar word and add new word
        • Detailed and abounding Chinese explanations
        • Offers KK. And D.J. phonetic symbols for selection and switching
        • Offers sample sentences, grammars, analysis(form, pronunciation, root, meaning, variation, synonym, antonym, relative words), word component, word making and multimedia data for linking search
      • Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
        • Covers 120,000 English entries in the newest 6 th edition
        • Class search includes total library, usages, phrase, verb phrase, prefix & suffix, new added words and basic words
        • Offers language setting for Chinese explanation
      • Cambridge Encyclopedia
        • Detailed content of the whole Cambridge Encyclopedia
        • Provides relative words for searching in the explanation screen
      • Japanese-Chinese/Chinese-Japanese Dictionary
        • Allows searching in Japanese-Chinese Dictionary, Chinese-Japanese Dictionary, Foreign Words, Kan Ji Index Dictionary and Idioms & Proverbs. A total of 120,000 words.
        • Allows searching for other data like Common Words, Practical Nouns and References
      • English-Chinese-Japanese-Korean Dictionary
        • Provides 31,000 words for searching in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages
        • Provides pronunciation in 4 languages
      • Chinese-English Dictionary
        • Covers 75,000 Chinese entries with good English Explanations
      • Illustration Dictionary
        • Provides 6500 illustrations for English learning
        • Provides comparisons in Chinese and English for each scene
      • Professional Dictionary
        • Provides different types of professional dictionaries of scientific usage
        • You may download your desired dictionaries from website
      • The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary
        • Provides 60,000 wordbook, idioms for searching
        • Offers radical strokes for viewing Radical, remaining Radical, Total Strokes, Internal Code, Chang Jie and BoshiAmy
      • Idioms Dictionary
        •  Provides over 8300 common idioms.
        • Offers synonym searching, data of derivation and relative information
      • Slang Dictionary
        • Covers abundant common slang with detailed explanations in Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean
      • Network Dictionary
        • Covers abundant net entries and detailed explanations in Chinese and English
      • Multi-Dictionaries
        • Overall word searching technology across the dictionaries and Grammar Cross-searching in the sample sentences of all Dictionaries
      • Extension Dictionary
        • Offers inputting search for built-in and downloaded dictionaries
        • Allows Chinese and English input for searching
      • DIY Dictionary
        • Create and custom your own dictionary.
      • Extended Cards
        • Offers SD/MMC (Secure Digital Card/Multi Media Card) slots for expanding the functions and data of the device. 
        • Allows the inserting of professional dictionary card.
    2. STUDY
      • Animated Dictionary
      • Animated Grammar
      • Animated Phrases
      • English Proficiency Test
      • Travel Dialogue
      • Interactive English
      • Synonym-Antonym Dictionary
      • Word Component
      • Words Studio
      • Listening & Speaking Classroom
      • Sentence Pattern Classroom
      • Review and Test
      • The Contemporary Chinese
      • MP3 Player
      • Digital Recorder
      • Video Learning
      • Flash Sprite
      • Game World
      • My Album
      • eBook
      • Text Browser
    4. PIM / PDA
      • Business Card
      • Memorandum
      • To Do List
      • Schedule
      • Calendar
      • Anniversary
      • Class Schedule
      • Paint Brush
      • Calculator
      • Unit Conversion
      • Alarm Setting
      • Income & Expenses Accounting
      • PC Link
      • Memory Management
      • After Service
      • Password Setting
      • Startup Picture
      • Language Setting  ( Menu Chinese / English / Korean / Japanese switch )
      • Power Management
      • File Management
      • Sound Setting
      • Input Setting
      • Handwriting Setting
      • Setting



    1. Fashion, Elegance, Slim, High Class of casing and cosmetic design
    2. 1 standard SD/MMC slots, extendable up to 4GB for more database and MP3 songs
    3. 4.3" large color LCD, 65,000 colors, 480 * 272 pixels high resolution to produce clear and comfortable image
    4. Touch panel control and handwriting recognition in Chinese/Japanese/English
    5. Hidden and patent design for stylus compartment to reduce the possibility of losing a stylus
    6. for media playback
    7. with Lyric Display function for edutainment purpose
    8. for self-reviewing after the class
    9. USB 2.0 interface for downloading of titles/songs from your personal compute
    10. International standard AC100-240V switching adaptor and Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery in removable design
    11. 3 kinds of voice and pronunciation technology, such as Voxware, Bestalk and MP3


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