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MAGIC Magnetic Plaster for Hypertension

MAGIC Magnetic Plaster for Hypertension
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Name: MAGIC Magnetic Plaster for Hypertension
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Serial Number: 920388458115hypt
Manufacturer Name: Moxa & Moxibustion Tools
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  • Packing: 3 magnets/sheet, 5 sheets/Box
  • Dia 18x3
  • Expiration: 2 years
  • MAGIC Magnetic Plaster for Hypertension

    MAGIC magnetic patch for hypertension is a flexible adhesive patch for Lowing Hypertension and also curing hemicrania. This plaster consists of meticulously selected Chinese herbs and HM magnetic powder.

    High blood pressure, Hemicrania

    What is MAGIC Magnetic Patch for Hypertension?
    MAGIC Magnetic Patch for Hypertension is a flexible adhesive patch for Lowing Hypertension and also curing hemicrania. The plaster consists of meticulously selected Chinese herbs and HM magnetic powder.

    How does it work?
    MAGIC Magnetic Patch is the creative integration of Chinese traditional herbs and most modern magnetic technology. It is based on the technology of the advanced transdermal therapeutic system (known as TTS) and the theory of magnetophoresis. It applies special magnetic field to open membrane pores and ensure the continuous, quick and uniform release of the extracted herbs contained in the patch. Application of this theory certifies the scientific nature, effectiveness, safety and authority of MAGIC Magnetic Patch. It owns the exclusive China invention patent and is a revolutionary creation of traditional plaster.

    Is it safe?
    Magnetic therapy has been recorded from antiquity and is now extensively used worldwide. Herbs come from nature, and have little side effect on human beings.

    How do I use them?
    Apply to clean, dry skin on the recommended acupuncture points. Each time stick plasters on two of the main acupuncture points in turn. If it is obstinacy illness, adjuvant acupuncture points also need to be stuck on. Press firmly on the adhesive surround. Hands can't touch the surface of the adhesive.

    Recommended acupuncture points to apply:  1,4,6
    Main acupuncture points Supplementary acupuncture points:  2,3,5
    Frequently asked questions:

    How long do I have to wear the plaster?
    Replace with new ones after two days. Ordinarily, the cure cycle is one week, but for the obstinacy disease, it may need 4-8 cure cycles.

    How many plasters do I wear at a time?
    More than two plasters can be worn at the same time depending on the intensity of illness.

    Can I wear and re-use the patch for the second time?
    The patch should be used only once because the herbs extract may have been released out, and also for the sake of hygiene.

    Can I bathe or swim with it on?
    Yes, you can bathe or swim while wearing the plaster.

    How do I remove them?
    Gently pull from the edges towards the center. Any remaining adhesives can be removed with citrus-based skin cleaning lotion or by rubbing alcohol. The patch may leave slight color on some skin types. This color will disappear within few days.

    Users satisfaction?
    Users are constantly advising us of how they have successfully used MAGIC Magnetic Patchs for conditions such as cervical vertebra??ache, waist stiffness, sprain & bruise, periarthritis, arthritis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, tenosynovitis, mammary phyma, mammary ache, mastitis, mammy hyperplasia, cough, asthma, bronchitis, hypertension and hemicrania. MAGIC Magnetic Patch can be used on the pain location or on acupuncture points location. The company has produced four types of Magnetic Patchs: for Ache, for Mammary disease, for Asthma and for Hypertension by now.

    Can it be applied on everyone? (CAUTION!)
    NO, DO NOT use with a pacemaker. DO NOT use on abdomen when pregnant. DO NOT use if irritation occurs. ONLY use externally. Always consult your doctors for any ailments. In some cases, a slight increase in pain may occur initially owing to the magnet's effect on the organism's self-healing energies. This is not a problem. KEEP OUT of the reach of children.

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