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AK-2000-II Electronic Acupuncture Massager

AK-2000-II Electronic Acupuncture Massager
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Name: AK-2000-II Electronic Acupuncture Massager
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Serial Number: AK-2000-II
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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AK-2000-II Electronic Acupuncture Massager

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Product Included:

  • AK-2000 II Electronic Acupuncture Massager
  • Detailed English Instruction Manual
  • 2 Self Adhesive Electrode Pads
  • Pads Holder
  • Hypertension Reducing Clamp
  • Carrying Bag
  • Electrode Pad Connector/Wire
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • AK-2000 II Electronic Acupuncture Massager, Low Frequency Acupuncture
    AOKEWEI AK-2000 II Low Frequency Acupuncture Therapeutic Equipment

    It is specially designed to reduce the effect of muscle stress and pain. The massager simulates traditional Chinese remedies through the use of an electronic current directed into the painful area of the body. The current produces a curative effect particularly for patients suffering from pain in the neck, back, loin and various other joints. There are six exclusively designed programs for the machine, each program itself consisting of six differing wave currents of healing composition, achieving a feeling of manual massage by hand. Through consistent use of the machine and its functions, patients can improve the blood circulation through muscles and benefit from reduced fatigue as well as strengthening of muscles.

    Functions and Features:

    The AOKEWEI AK-2000 II is developed based on the physics, bionics, electrobilogy, Chinese classical medicine and modern micro-electronic technology and in combination with a lot of clinical practices. It has incorporated the six traditional Chinese medicine's functions of slow beating, continuous beating, acupuncture, naprapathy, cupping jar and massage. In addition, it has tackled the technical problems of shallow feeling of the previous similar products, enhancing its treatment function and making its power more miraculous.

    An unique big screen LCD display integrated with six traditional Chinese medical functions. It also represents a human body with markers as to the placement of the electrode pads correlating to the six functions.

    An unique repeat button can instantly lock the best stimulation for a continuous period of time achieving the feeling of a prolonged therapeutic massage without any aching fingers.

    The innovative new design incorporates an intensity gauge, allowing the user to increase or decrease the effects of the massage as they require and feel most comfortable with.

    An automatic mode allows the user to select pre-programs for "Neck and Shoulder", "Lowering Blood Pressure", "Body Shaping" and "Loin and Leg". User can just sit back and let the machine do all the work.

    Treatment Mechanism:

    The AOKEWEI AK-2000 II synthesizes the six micro-computer programs imitating the real man into the electric current, acting directly onto the effective acupoints of the human body. Based on the feeling of pulling, retaining and stwisting of the acupuncture to get the "qi", forming the low-frequency stimulation, restraining the sympathetic nerve, expanding the blood cell, promoting the blood circulation, enhancing the engulf function of the body's tissue, thus relieving the inflammation and swelling. Meanwhile, the stimulation of high-energy distributed synthetic current can excite the nerve's coarse fiber and interfere the cortical layer, causing the effect of needle depth differences and generating the abirritation. In addition, the impulse current, which is distributed based on certain rhythm, stimulates the nerve's muscle, bringing the muscle to shrink and expand, generating the movement effect. This can alleviate the fatigue and treat the injury of surrounding nerve and paralysis.


    Range of Use:

    1. Various acute and chronic diseases: hypertension, rheumatism, arthritis, periarthritis, humeroscapularis, lumbar muscle strain, abdominal pain, toothache, neuralgia, declination of sexual function, etc.

    2. Uncomfortable in body: fatigue of the whole body, neurasthenic, soreness of loins and back, pain of shoulder and neck, pain in leg, etc.

    3. Face beautification: weight reduction, postpartum loose abdomen, raised breast, etc.


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