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The Practical Chart of Ear Acupuncture Points (Chinese/English)

The Practical Chart of Ear Acupuncture Points (Chinese/English)
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Name: The Practical Chart of Ear Acupuncture Points (Chinese/English)
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The Practical Chart of Ear Acupuncture Points (Chinese/English) The Practical Chart of Ear Acupuncture Points (Chinese/English)

  • ISBN: 7-117-04534-5
  • 3 Charts, Paperback
  • With detailed Chinese-English Manual 57 pages
  • Comes with easy-installing accessories
  • acupuncture pictures, The Practical Chart of Ear Acupuncture Points, Acupuncture Ear Chart. Direction of the sketch chart of the Ear-Acupoints, acupuncture,acupuncture models,charts,acupuncture charts,acupuncture products,supplies,acupuncture supplies,supply,anatomical models,anatomy,medical supplies
    The Practical Chart of Ear Acupuncture Points


    Authors: Jin Shiying and Jin Wancheng  2001.8.1

    Requested and entrusted by people's health publishing house, we compiled-drawn up the chart of the practical ear acupuncture point and its explanation, they are being in Chinese-English to serve the purpose of ear acupuncture learning and medical teaching and research.

    In order to serve different readers and different occasions the chart was printed in two forms folio (500 - 865mm) and large 16mo (210 X 285mm) and can be selected for different needs.

    There are three sheets of wall chart of folio in all, including four figures: the location of national standard ear points (auricle front), (auricle back) and the division of national standard ear-points (front), (back). Six figures: the auricle anatomical names (front), (back); setting up the standard auricle point line, the auricle mark line, the nerve and blood vessel of auricles (front) , (back). They are drawn up in accordance with the names and locations of national standard GB-T13734-92 and text blood of human body anatomy, the original pictures are also adopted.

    There are total ten pieces of colored illustrations in large 16mo chart, the illustrations are arranged in the same sequence as the folio of this chart.

    The explanation is composed of 6 charts: The chapters constructing the basic part of ear acupuncture are the brief history of the development of ear acupuncture, ear acupuncture theory, histological anatomy relevant to ear acupuncture. The chapters belonging to application part of ear acupuncture are the division, location and of auricle point areas, and their indication; The therapy of ear acupuncture; examples of the prescriptions for some common diseases. The two parts correspond to each other and are easy to be comprehended. Illustrations are attached to help reading.

    We hereby express our gratitude to the writers whose works provided reference to us during compilation, We listed the main writers in the appendix. As our time and level are limited, insufficiency in this edition might be unavoidable. Continents and advice from the readers and TCM circle are welcome.


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