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SHAN ZI ILEX TEA (Shanzi Ku Ding Tea)

SHAN ZI ILEX TEA (Shanzi Ku Ding Tea)
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Name: SHAN ZI ILEX TEA (Shanzi Ku Ding Tea)
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Serial Number: 901433895093
Manufacturer Name: Chinese Herbal Tea

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  • SUK: 6-901433-895093
  • 2g X 50 packets
  • SHAN ZI ILEX TEA (Shanzi Ku Ding Tea)

    Directions for sheng Tangshan Brand Shanzi Ku Ding Tea

    Shengtangshan Brand Shanzi Ilex Tea, is refined with ilex which grows in Dayao Mountain as raw material. Dayao Mountain, in Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is the largest region in the world where the Yao nationality live in compact communities. The Yao nationality includes Hualan Yao nationality, Shanzi Yao nationality, Chashan Yao nationality, Pan Yao nationality, Ao Yao nationality, etc. five sub-branches. In this region the average sea level height is over 1500 meters. There are high mountains and lofty hills, and the region is lost in clouds and mist all the year round. The silver fir called as living plant fossil, crocodile lizard called as living animal fossil in Dayao Mountain and over 1350 kinds of medicinal and food plants exist there. Shanzi ilex has exceptionally good quality for growing in such a particular favorable natural environment.

    Main raw materials: Ilex leaves

    Method of drinking: Put one or two bags of this product per time into tea set to oneis taste, and then pour in boiled water to infuse it for 3-5 minutes before drinking.



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