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Semiconductor Laser/Low-Frequency Cure Instrument

Semiconductor Laser/Low-Frequency Cure Instrument
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Name: Semiconductor Laser/Low-Frequency Cure Instrument
Normal Price:
Sale Price:
$199.95 ON SALE
Serial Number: GX-2000A
Manufacturer Name: Kangxing Laser
Stock Status: Temporarily out of stock

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  • Main Unit x1
  • Detailed English Manual x1
  • Laser Output Wire x1
  • Low-frequency Pulse Wire x1
  • 110/240 V A/C Adaptor x1
  • Sticking Board x1
  • Hang String x1
  • Electrodes (70mm x 45mm) x1
  • Nose Cavity Cover x12 (4 pcs for three colors each)
  • "AAA" Sized Batteries: x4
  • New Mechanism of Laser Irradiation
    Low-Frequency Pulse
    2 in 1
    Combined Treatment and Health Care

    For more details regarding this product, please click its official website here

    • It is controlled by microcomputer. The operation is safe and simple with adjustable low-frequency pulse intensity and laser power.
    • Function combination: tap, massage, knead, laser nose cavity irradiation.
    • Laser irradiation with low-frequency pulse can be carried out simultaneously or separately;
    • Treat time: 1~99 mins(adjustable), laser power:1~5mW(adjustable);
    • It is small and potable;
    • Electrodes can be easily placed to the affected parts. (sticking board attached).

    Semiconductor Laser/Low-Frequency Healthcare Cure Instrument is a new treat and healthcare unit, it was developed based on laser medicine, bionics, Chinese medicine and clinical practice. It respectively acts on nose cavity musoca, acu-point or affected parts by laser bio-stimulation and low-frequency pulse current.

    Laser nose cavity irradiation is for assistant treatment on hyperlipidemia and other cardiac & cerebral vascular diseases

    Irradiate nose cavity with laser whose wavelength is 650nm. No need to puncture blood vessel, it may avoid cross-infection and bleeding. Laser irradiation stimulate sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves in the nose cavity, shrink and expand blood vessels in nose mucosa, which reflectively lead to improvement of blood circulation in head and all human body.

    Low-frequency pulse is for treatment on acute & chronic pain, soft tissue wrack and waist & back pain etc.

    It is controlled by microcomputer. Low-frequency pulse current acts on acu-point or affected parts on outer body and imitate tap, massaging and kneading likes real human. And, low-frequency pulse current directly stimulates nerves and muscles, lead to muscles shrink and expansion, motion effects, blood vessel expansion and improving blood circulation.


    For the Aged
    As time passed, the aged body is dysfunction, and disturbed by cardiac & cerebral vascular and other diseases. This Laser Low-Frequency Cure Instrument may effectively prevent and act assistant treatment for cardiac & cerebral vascular diseases which is often found in the aged people.

    For Eyesight Protection
    Long-time reading, writing, operating computer will easily cause you dizzy, waist pain or eye fatigue. This Laser Low-Frequency Cure Instrument makes laser and low-frequency pulse 2 in 1 as assistant treatment to relieve eye fatigue, and improve blood circulation in the brain.

    For Sports
    In exercise, games or sports, ligament and muscle is probably injured, which will affect the achievement. This Laser Low-Frequency Cure Instrument combines laser and low-frequency together, acts assistant treatment to relieve pain and help in good achievement.

    For Busy Life
    Life and working often make you busy and nervous. Constant meetings, reports and negotiations perhaps make you exhausted. This Laser Low-Frequency Cure Instrument with laser irradiation nose cavity and low-frequency pulse treatment will alleviate your fatigue and dredge meridian.

    For Driving and Travel
    Travel and long-time driving will make you uncomfortable and tired. In rest time, using this Laser Low-Frequency Cure Instrument with laser irradiation and low-frequency pulse will eliminate your fatigue and recover your body back in perfect condition.

    For Workers
    In long-time hard working, many people often feel uncomfortable due to fatigue, using this Laser Low-Frequency Cure Instrument with laser irradiation and low-frequency pulse will help eliminate fatigue and keep you back to work with more energy.



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    516 out of 970 people found the following review helpful
    Great Delivery and good product
    I saw a product like this that is using in most of acupuncture clinic and is too expensive to buy personally. At last I found this at here and the price is so nice. I bought one already and I want two more for my mother and mother in law. I am waiting for the stock that I can purchase more.
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    from California United States
    27 Jul 2010

    892 out of 1752 people found the following review helpful
    GX-2000A semiconductor laserlowfrequency cure instrument
    I had purchased one GX-2000A unit from a friend . I want one more GX2000A and a spare-pasting type double Electrode with out put plug ( FIVE SETSA}.I am having very good openion on GX2000A
    Was this review helpful to you? Yes   No

    by sreedharan
    16 Oct 2006

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