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Self-Massage Along Meridians and Acupoints

Self-Massage Along Meridians and Acupoints
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Name: Self-Massage Along Meridians and Acupoints
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Self-Massage Along Meridians and Acupoints Self-Massage Along Meridians and Acupoints

  • ISBN 7-119-02376-4
  • Paperback 223 Pages
  • Author: Wang, Chuangui Copyright 2002
  • Self-Massage Along Meridians and Acupoints

    Self-massage along meridians and acupoints is a classic and unique therapeutic method of traditional Chinese medicine developed on the basis of the theories of qi and blood, zang and fu organs as well as meridians and collaterals. It prevents and treats diseases by massaging different regions of the body with the palms and fingers through techniques both specific and varied. These techniques applied directly on the meridians, acupoints, 12 tendon regions and 12 skin divisions exert an effect from the external to the internal to dredge meridians, promote qi and activate blood, regulate zang and fu organs as well as moisten and lubricate tendons and bones.

    This book is compiled with illustrations for guiding individual persons to prevent and treat diseases that have been identified through internal medicine, gynecology and surgery. The techniques for self-massage along meridians and acupoints are simple, practical and easy to follow.

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