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Progess of Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine in AIDS Treatment - Compilation of Theses of Treatment and Reserch on AIDS (Volume 3)

Progess of Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine in AIDS Treatment - Compilation of Theses of Treatment and Reserch on AIDS (Volume 3)
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Name: Progess of Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine in AIDS Treatment - Compilation of Theses of Treatment and Reserch on AIDS (Volume 3)
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Progess of Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine in AIDS Treatment - Compilation of Theses of Treatment and Reserch on AIDS (Volume 3)

  • ISBN 7-80174-242-7
  • Paperback / 428 Pages
  • 150mm X 200mm Beijing Oct. 2004
     Compilation of Theses of Treatment and Reserch on AIDS (Volume 3)

    By:  Lu Weibo

    China Academy of TCM, Beijing 100700

    AIDS is a formidable infectious epidemic rampant throughout the world, an incessant combat against it and huge success has been obtained, such as the discovery of HIV, the destruction of immune system, particularly the invention and application of HAART, which effectively inhibit the HIV and greatly improve the onset and prognosis of AIDS. However, using rich theory and abundant experience of TCM Lo serve for the prevention & treatment on AIDS, the pathway is uneven, although quite a number of Chinese herbs and recipes have been R&D, but none of them won the formal approval for clinical trial, application for the supplementary immune enhancer also failed

    Facing so much difficulties, the majority of AIDS researchers has not been discouraged, they continued to work on the screening of effective drugs of TCM, the formulation of recipes, clinical observation, research methodology and design, particularly on the research train of thought on how to implement the AIDS study with TCM, a deep going discussion has been carried on, and a common view of principal orientation in immune enhancing should be the aim of TCM, with the HIV inhibition as supplementary target, the confidence become unswerving. At the same time, certain modern conditions have been established to be consistent with scientific demand. Hence in the third 5 year term, huge but preliminary achievements have been achieved.

    Therefore appeared at first is a deep going cognitive discussion, followed by some reports on promising clinical and experimental study such as the Tangcao tablet, which is approved by clinical trial stage III , the SH recipe, which is R&D domestically, but yield positive results abroad, and evaluated as one of ten medical achievements of China in 2003, and Zhongyan 2, XQ 9302, Jinlong Capsule, Compound Sanhuangsan, Antivirus Compound, Garlic GO889, Jinshengbao Capsule, Aitong Granule, Bamboo Leaves Polysaccharides, New Century Kangbao, Spring of Life, Qiankunning Tablet, Ke'aite Capsule, Xili Oral Liquid, Ailing Granule, Aike Fuzheng tablet, Malariotherapy and acupuncture in treating AIDS were reported.

    Besides clinical observation, the medicament screening have obtained important progress, such as TCM protease inhibitor, reverse transcriptase inhibitor, and natural products screening methods of anti HIV agents; besides Chinese herbal medicine, marine organisms and fresh animals were also paid attention to.

    The superiority of TCM besides abundant clinical experiences, stands for the theory of TCM and syndrome differentiation. Recently, some authors stressed on this field, e. g, the study on TCM theory of Life Gate, normal qi and Triple Burner, the study of staging and syndrome differentiation for treatment, to individualize the TCM treatment, combine disease and syndrome differentiation, so as to elevate the efficacy of AIDS treatment.

    To give the role of integrative Chinese and western medicine full play, to complement their mutual superiority, to understand the advantages and shortcomings of Chinese and western medicine, to develop the advantageous and offset the disadvantageous aspect, to integrate organically, so as to elevate the therapeutic effect of AIDS to a new level.


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