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Practical Fighting Arts of Zhang Sanfeng's Wushu I

Practical Fighting Arts of Zhang Sanfeng's Wushu I
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Name: Practical Fighting Arts of Zhang Sanfeng's Wushu I
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Serial Number: 7884081512
Manufacturer Name: Martial Art
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The Essences of Zhang Sanfeng's Wushu Sets

Practical Fighting Arts of Zhang Sanfeng's Wushu I

  • ISBN: 7884081512
  • 2 DVD / NTSC
  • Subtitles in Two Languages: Chinese & English
  • The Instructor: Liu Huangjun, the 24th generation master in cheif of Nature Branch, Wudang school

Widely spread, the Nature Wushu of Zhang Sanfeng (the founder of Wudang School) is said to be passed down in a direct line from Master Zhang Sanfeng . It differs from the other Wushu branches of Wudang School for its art-stressing ideology and direct-striking style.

The practical fighting arts of Wudang Shcool is composed by mater Liu Huangjun, on the base of Taiji Duanhuang Zhang, combined with arts of Xingyi and Bagua. It is a outstanding set featuring mutual benefits of the practitioners and health enhancing in practice and excellent techniques of opponent control by cutting off both his ways of advance and retreat so that to obtain a favorable position.


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