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MA TOU QIN - Chinese Folk Love Songs (2 CD)

MA TOU QIN - Chinese Folk Love Songs (2 CD)
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Name: MA TOU QIN - Chinese Folk Love Songs (2 CD)
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Serial Number: 7-38289-023-9
Manufacturer Name: Chinese Music CD
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MA TOU QIN - Chinese Folk Love Songs (2 CD) MA TOU QIN - Chinese Folk Love Songs (2 CD)

HDCD 2.4Bit-192KHz


  1. Black Steed
  2. Hun Herbaria
  3. Aster
  4. Outer In The Remote Place
  5. Hagen Too Hay Is The Native Place
  6. Big Black Horse
  7. SCENERY Of Killeen River
  8. Gou Hugo
  9. Guinean Quit
  10. I Ma
  11. Jose Lie
  12. Cool Hanger
  13. Seasons
  14. Soaring
  15. Tafeimusic
  16. Toga
  17. Lichen Gann Ger
  18. Sing Zing GAO Yuan
  19. Hue Dao La Sa
  20. Lu Sheen Lain Gee


  1. Kong Queue Fey Lai
  2. Beijing De Jin Shan Shan
  3. Hun Die Queen Bain
  4. Kandting Love Song
  5. Main Guy Hue Kai Shi Li Xiang
  6. Mud Yang No De Bee Shan
  7. Sing Sheen Yi Chang
  8. Ran Zen Wang Mud
  9. Tai yang Chug Lai I Yang Yang
  10. Juan Zip Wu Quip
  11. Kiang Gee Li La
  12. Due Shan Sing
  13. Yak Zoo Wu Quip
  14. Zhu Mud Lang Ma
  15. Yi Zoo Wu Quip
  16. CIO Yuan Shan De lan Hue


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