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Huang Feihong Nan Quan - Routine I of Feihong Quan

Huang Feihong Nan Quan - Routine I of Feihong Quan
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Name: Huang Feihong Nan Quan - Routine I of Feihong Quan
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Serial Number: 7887212537-3
Manufacturer Name: Martial Art
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Huang Feihong Nan Quan
 - Routine I of Feihong Quan

Huang Feihong is a representative Hongquan master at the end period of Qing Dynasty. The Routine I of Feihong Quan is a set of basic boxing that passed down by Huang Feihong. Its specialty is one form with more hands, change you hand many times in one step, many short skills. Hand techniques include fist, claw, hook, and kinds of elbow technique, bridge techniques. "Bridge Techniques" is a special hand posture used in Nan Quan (Southern Style Boxing), which formed by straight or bow arm, to fold, coil, cut, such methods for attack and defend. This basic boxing uses sound and exhale to add strength, to help boxing potential, is "crying out make cloud and wind change their colors, punching let mountain collapse".

  • ISBN: 7887212537
  • 1 DVD / NTSC
  • Subtitles in Two Languages: Chinese & English
  • Demonstrated by: Chen Nian'en
    • Chief Coach of the Wushu Team of Brunei
    • Chief Coach of Huang Feihong Wushu Gymnasium
    • The 4th Successor of Huang Feihong's Wushu

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