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Gastroenterology - Be accomplished in Medicinal English within 30 days

Gastroenterology - Be accomplished in Medicinal English within 30 days
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Name: Gastroenterology - Be accomplished in Medicinal English within 30 days
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Gastroenterology - Be accomplished in Medicinal English within 30 days Gastroenterology - Be accomplished in Medicinal English within 30 days

  • ISBN 7-03-013077-4
  • Author: Wei, Baosheng Paperback 254 pages
  • 787mm x 1092mm 1/16
  • Learning Medicinal English/Chinese  by reading newest medicinal articles.

    Contents :

    • Foreword
    • Day 1   Anatomy and Embryology of Digestive System(1) 
    • Day 2   Embryology of Digestive System(2) 
    • Day 3   Histology of Digestive System(1)
    • Day 4   Histology of Digestive System(2) 
    • Day 5   Histology of Digestive System(3)
    • Day 6   Physiology of Digestive System
    • Day 7   Dyspepsia and Esophageal Diseases
    • Day 8   Gastrointestinal Bleeding
    • Day 9   Gastritis(1) 
    • Day 10  Gastritis(2)and Peptic Ulcer Diseases(1) 
    • Day 11  Peptic Ulcer Diseases(2) 
    • Day 12  Peptic Ulcer Diseases(3) 
    • Day 13  Peptic Ulcer Diseases(4)and Abdominal Pain 
    • Day 14  Mechanical Intestinal Obstruction 
    • Day 15  Appendicitis and Acute Peritonitis
    • Day 16  Crohn's Disease(1)  
    • Day 17  Crohn's Disease(2)and Ulcerative Colitis(1)
    • Day 18  Ulcerative Colitis(2) 
    • Day 19  Stomach Cancer and Intestinal Tumors(1)
    • Day 20  Intestinal Tumors(2) 
    • Day 21  Intestinal Tumors(3) 
    • Day 22  Intestinal Tumors(4)ang Anorectal Diseases(1) 
    • Day 23  Anorectal Diseases(2)
    • Day 24  Liver Diseases(1)
    • Day 25  Liver Diseases(2)
    • Day 26  Vocabulary for Practices and Examinations
    • Day 27  Review and Practice(1) 
    • Day 28  Review and Practice(2)
    • Day 29  Review and Practice(3)
    • Day 30  Review and Practice(4)



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