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TIANHE Gutong Plaster (10 Pieces)
Rechargeable Ultrasonic Nebulizer MY-520B
Pharmacopoeia of The People's Republic of China 2010
TDP Far Infrared Mineral Light CQ-12 Desk-Top Model
Yida Tongluoning
TDP Far Infrared Mineral Light dual Lamps
Chinese Handwriting Input device
A Guide to Chinese Bridges
Acupuncture Human Body Model - Male 50cm
SXDZ-100 Smart Acupuncture Apparatus (integrated Doctors' specific skills)
Ultrasonic Nebulizer Respirator Humidifier MY-520A
Refined Gou Pi Medicated Plaster
Acupuncture Needles - Silver handle without guide tube, 100 Pcs/Box
HONG HOA OIL -External Analgesic
Yunnan Baiyao Plaster
Moxa Granule (Plaster) 200Pcs/Box
Herbal Plaster
Intradermal Embedding Needles 200 Pcs/Box
Body Scarificator
Acupuncture Instrument Set (Small)
Acupuncture Human Body Model - Female 48cm
Deluxe Cupping Set 16 cups/set
Smokeless Moxa Rolls 5Pcs/Box
The Atlas of Layered Anatomy of Acupoints [By:Gao Hualing]
TIANHE Zhuifeng Gao/Plaster (10 Pieces)
Acupuncture Human Body Model - Male 50cm
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Serial Number: 7117063793
Manufacturer Name: Medicine
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  • ISBN 7117063793
  • Author: Jiang Song He & Lou Xinfa
  • Paperback 314 pages 7.5'x10'
  • Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House, Published in 2004

    The purposes of this book are to summarize acupuncture and Chinese massage, interpret useful components of their science, communicate this in modern Chinese. Developed out of the research, study and practice of professors and practitioners at the Wenzhou Medical College in the Zhejiang Province, it attempts to explain the theories and techniques of ancient acupuncture and Chinese massage in modern Chinese. It draws upon many years of experience in the practice of Chinese and Western combined medicine, and is intended to provide useful knowledge and guidance for medical professionals who are interested in ancupunture, moxibustion and Chinese massage, as well as to serve as a helpful text for medical students.
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