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An English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of Art

An English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of Art
Name: An English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of Art
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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 7560021077

    Both rich in contents and illustrations comes out AN ENGLISH-CHINESE & CHINESE-ENGLISH DICTIONARY OF ART, compiled by Associate Professor He You, with more than 60,000 vocabularies connecting to Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Theater, Movies, Television, Photography, Literature, Broadcasting, Textile, Craft, Costume, Dressing, Stage Arts, Architecture, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Printing, Furniture, Decoration, Cosmetics, Gardening, Acrobatics, etc. It also includes names of various movements and schools, museums and galleries, organizations and companies, cinemas and theaters, international competitions and festivals, prizes and awards, etc.

    Appendix 1 is filled with brief introduction of Who's Who - more than 6,000 famous foreign celebrities' names, birthdays, nationalities, characteristics and some of their works in the fields of Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Photography, Drama, Movie and Literature.

    Appendix 2 newly collects more than 600 well-known art schools & academies in the world with names, addresses, telephone & fax numbers and even E-mail addresses as well. They are from China, America, Germany, England, Canada, France, Austria, Greece, Italy, Holland, Norway, Portuguese, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Japan and from continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America, etc.

    Li Yitang, the famous - prolific artist, has created more than 800 excellent paintings of unique style, for further explaining and richening the meanings of the vocabularies, which open your mind, broaden your view and make a boundless space of imagination and appreciation as well.

    About 1,000,000 words cover AN ENGLISH-CHINESE & CHINESE-ENGLISH DICTIONARY OF ART which is not only a knowledgeable handbook with the academic, practical and tasteable value but also the first one and the unique comprehensive dictionary of art both at home and abroad. The compiler, who is very well-cultivated both in foreign languages and in various art forms, has been collecting, selecting, combining, richening, composing, revising and correcting all these vocabularies for 12 years based on the original one, in accordance with the uncountable reference books and materials of home and abroad, only for meeting the urgent needs of those art students, teachers, translators, workers and those art lovers as well. Although this is the professional dictionary, it is readable, comprehensible and useful for all the readers in different cultural backgrounds.

    As the level, ability and the time are limited, the compiler has done her best, but still thinks mistakes left. Only hoping to get advice, comments and the criticism from the experts, colleges, friends and readers from all walks of life.

    In short, wishing this true and helpful partner to become your best friend in the new century.


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